Hey Everyone –

I am now back in Jocon and soooo very happy to be home again. I still feel sad that I will have to one day live in Siguatepeque away from the village people that I love so much but I know God will give me grace to be there when it is the right time. In the meantime, that is why He has called me to work with these children because He loves them more than I do and will use me to bring changes to this part of Honduras through the disciples.

It is so confirming to me that I love it here so much and that the hardships of living here don’t seem to phase me too much. I did notice that I don’t have as many lizards on my walls anymore and that was a pleasant surprise — but, talking about surprises, we do have a big hen that sleeps in the outside bathroom at night and I didn’t realize it until I was just getting in the shower outside with a candle for my only light and in the shadows I realized there was something there — I realized what it was when my towel hit her and she started clucking, but she would not budge from her spot. Now, I try to time all my trips to the bathroom outside to be during the daylight hours — they say she won’t pecj me, but she makes me very nervous. We have so many chickens ans a turkey in and out of the house all day and that always takes some getting used to. They only bother me — everyone else just ignores them. I’m also having to re-adjust to all the noises in the night — donkeys and cows graze just on the other side of my wall from my bed and because the wall doesn’t meet with the roof, it sounds like they are next to my bed — but in spite of my lack of sleep, I have felt very rested and happy.

Please pray for me as I start in heavy on mt studies in Spanish — they all compliment me so much about how I understand but when I begin working more regularly with the children, I want to thorough understand them to be more effective in nurturing them every day. Some days, I just have a mental block and have to stop and pray and realize “I can do ALL things through Christ.” I have been very thankful for just how much I do remember — I will know words that I didn’t even remember studying and I know that has to be from the Lord.

I’ve learned some more worship songs in Spanish and they are beautiful — I always wish I could share them with you but they lose so much in translation. I was very very excited to get back to my keyboard — it has been a source of encouragement to me and I praise alone in my room much of the time and it really makes me aware that I am not alone at all even though I could feel lost on the other side of the world away from all Americans — God is truly enough and He meets every lonely moment with His overwhelming presence —

I’ve already been to three houses to pray for the sick and God is still up to all His wonderful miracles and that is so precious to be a past of. I have distributed about half of the flip-flops and all the children’s vitamins that the children at Tombell Bible Church collected for me. I will give out the rest of the flip-flops to some naked children down in the next village. The children’s Tylenol and all that were collected for me from First Batist of North Augusta Girls Auxiliary have also come in handy already and it is such a joy to me to have some medicine when these poor mothers have sick children and feel so helpless to get their fevers down.

Thanks to all of you who gave me so many things to bring here. One elderly aunt fell and was in excruciating pain and Emily had given me some of Jenny’s percocet for pain right before I left and that aunt was so thankful because she was able to sleep after taking some. So God planned every single little thing that I brought and He had plans to use everything for His glory.

Right before I left Siguatepeque, Pastor Cesar and I went to the lawyer and I paid the first payment on getting the papers for the children’s home, Destino Del Reino. The attorney is a Christian and is charging me less than half of what is quoted as the going rate. He also will take payments and I can pay it out over the next 6 months as the papers will not be ready until then. After we receive the registration papers, we will get approval from the National Association of Pastors, and Ministries and that should not be a problems as our church in Siguatepeque is a member and our pastor will take care of that. We should be ready to have kids after November, depending if the first houses are finished at that time. God knows all the timing and each and every need and I just have to continue to put it back on Him to furnish at that time. God knows all the timing and each and every need and I just have to continue to put it back on Him to furnish the people and funds to put His plan together. Please pray for a stronger growing faith in me to keep on trusting Him and not forget that this is not MY THING!!! and God is more than able to handle each detail. I will be meeting Pam Kitchens with Missions in Integrity in Siguatepeque in 3 weeks and she will look at the land and possibility of laborers and materials, etc. and we’ll go from there. I feel a little impatient at times — ready to start raising these children in the Lord — but I know that every moment with my living in the midst of these people is building their trust as well as teaching me more about the way they think and how to minister to them more effectively. Even though they are all Hondurans, they are sooooo very different from those I know in Siguatepque and other parts of Honduras — I praise God for blessing me with them in my life and that He has not forgotten the thousands of people who live so hopelessly in these mountain villages —

Well, I’ll close for today. I am in Tegucigalpa for two days as Rosy had to take care of some papers here and needed a companion. Please pray for our safety — it is always hazardous to get out by ourselves like this. But we’ll just pray God makes us and our things INVISIBLE!!

I love all of you and thank you again and again for your constant prayers and encouragement to me.