Hey Everyone,

I know all of you are so faithful to pray for the ministry of Destino del Reino and for me, and I just want to remind you to be praying MUCH this week coming up. We will be doing evangelism in a place called Puente Curba (Curve Bridge). It is an area and not exactly a village because all the houses are along the highway. There is a pastor that has been asked by some of the people to come and start a churcfh and they have sold a lot of tamales to make money for the cement blocks to start a church. He has such a heart to reach the entire area and so we will cover about 40 houses during the week and share Christ with each person individually. We need prayer for safety, for the Holy Spirit to speak through us, for the translators to do well (this is the first time for 3 of them to do this). Pray for the VBS that we will have in the afternoons as well and that all of the children will understand their need for the Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray for each of the team members that are coming. We have several children and I am praying that they will have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with some of the people themselves.

We’ve been so busy getting things done around the house this week and I am exhausted before the group even comes. We had to de-mouse the storage room under the house and it was full of things so that has been a great big project. I had to organize all the materials for Sunday School, Vacation Bibles Schools and evangelism for different groups and we have re-arranged the clothes and things to be distributed as well as organizing on shelves all of our medical supplies so we can more easily distribute them when needed. WHEW!!

Please pray for Edgar (age 9) in our area. He has an attitude problem about the lady next door to us and is unwilling to work it out. Then because I confronted him about the lack of unity and that he needed to forgive her for whatever is wrong and talk to her about it, now he is not coming to my house anymore either. It hurts my heart because I am his representative at school and I love him so much. Edgar has no other help and it is so important that he is in good relation with me. He is unwilling to discuss anything with me and so please pray for Satan to loose his hold in this situation and restore Edgar’s heart to me. Bety will be talking to him tonight (Friday) so be praying.

We decided to let our night watchman quit coming regularly. Both Marta and I prefer the peace of having no one else here every night. So Mario has begun to just come a couple of nights a week and will work the regular daytime hours on the other days working on the gardens and the other things that need to be done here regularly. It will be better for his family as well. We wanted to keep him on salary because he is in great need of work to support his family. He only makes $80 a month but that is a lot to him.

We are busy working on the second house and I am excited about getting going on that now. We had a lot of ceramic left over from the house and so we will use a little more money and buy more on Saturday and put ceramic in the church. The group that is coming from Tomball, Texas in three weeks will be building us some pews as well. I am so happy about how well church is going. We have started teaching them a lot more songs and the house was full last week — we had about 45 here. More and more are coming each week. Another one of Edgar’s uncles came this week and accepted Christ and then wanted to go with us to church on Sunday evening as well. Pray for him, his name is Roger. Pastor Carlos is doing a wonderful job of teaching these new Christians how to study the Bible for themselves and to memorize scripture, etc. He is great and I know God has really been good to us to send him to Destino del Reino.

We are having more in Sunday School now as well. Rosa (my dad and Jim fixed up her house for her with a blue tarp) started coming now to bring her three little boys. They walk a whole hour to get here each Sunday morning. We also have her nephew coming as well. It is such a blessing to be teaching these little ones about Jesus and they are so hungry to know everything!! They have learned about 45 verses by memory this year!

I forgot to tell y’all how my leg is doing — it is so much better. It has completely scarred over now and it only hurts a little when I have been on it too long during the day. That may forever be God’s way of slowing me down when I need to rest so it may be a good thing – ha.

Also, thanks for continuing to pray for my mom. Her operation for the cancer in her kidney will be very soon and I’ll let you know the exact date. She has always been so healthy and it has been hard for her to be homebound for so many weeks — so pray for lots of grace for her to endure another operation and also for God to heal it up completely and that this operation will be her last one!!

Well, I didn’t have much to say but AGAIN, I wrote a lot, ha. Thanks for all your prayers. We keep needing a bus and the well but don’t have any news on either one of those needs yet. Keep praying!

Love to each of you and thank you SOOO much for your faithful encouragement and prayers for this ministry.

Love in His GRACE,