Hey Everyone,

I need a LOT of prayer right now. I am praising God though because He is perfect in all His ways. He sent a medical group here on Saturday for the week and before they had been here 24 hours, they had to do surgery on ME!! My absess was not doing as good as I had imagined and it was becoming serious. They gave me a lot of injections of anesthesia and then cut about a 3 inch place in my back and had to cut very deep to get the big pocket of infection out of my back. They are so precious and were so gentle but it is very painful and they had to pack it and leave the wound open — it is a big open wound and has to be repacked every day so I am coming up to the hotel to get it re-done each night because they will give me anesthesia and I could NOT stand it without those injections. The big prayer request is that before they leave on Saturday that my wound will have healed enough that they feel they can stitch me up. I just don’t know if anyone else here would take as good care of me and I don’t want to have Marta re-pack the wound so deeply. She would have a hard time doing it and I could not stand it without some strong drugs. So PLEASE pray for me to get MIRACULOUSLY healed by Friday evening — thanks.

I’ll write more later but just wanted to get word to my prayer team QUICK.

Thanks so much,

Love in His grace — that is what I am depending on for sure during this hard month, physically and emotionally. Thanks for all your comforting encouragement about losing Vanessa’s baby. I’ll write more to each of you indivudlaly as soon as I get off these pain pills and can think straight enough. Pray for the group this week though as they are going out and I cannot even help them now. God is teaching me to trust ONLY Him and not my own efforts.

Love you all,