Hey Everyone,

I am so glad that I have all of you to count on for your prayers. Yesterday, Eidy’s and Cokie’s father came and took them back to Jocon. He said that he is not able to visit them and wants them to return to the village. He has not been able to come for 8 months and so I do understand his feelings, but he knows that this is not the best decision for the little girls. They did not even have enough food when they were there before and now he has a new girlfriend (16 years old) living with them in the house and she is pregnant. I told him that maybe she should get used to having a new baby herself before trying to be a mama to two very honery little girls. He would not budge from his decision and it was so hard on me and still is. My heart feels like it is breaking inside. I know this is a chance we will always take and I also know that God is SOVEREIGN and absolutely above all and so this is something I have to trust Him in. After the girls left I was talking to Marta and told her that I was having so many doubts about whether I had heard from the Lord right about this ministry just being for the children from the mountain villages of Yoro. So few people are willing to send their children from there and I know we don’t have room in the second house yet since we don’t have the houseparents, but I still wonder about whether we are to take children from various places as well. I am really praying about that and would appreciate your prayers as well. It has also made me open to the idea of letting the government place orphans here who would not have the tear on their hearts between being here and with family. Eidy was doing fine when she left and, in fact, told me that she wouldn’t ever want to visit — she is always like that and I don’t really know if she knew what she was saying. I’m sure that Cokie did not understand that she would not be back with me to sleep at nights — she was just excited to get to ride a bus. We are going to send Marta up there in about 6 weeks after school is out and she will check on the girls and there is a possibility that they may want to send Cokie back to us and keep Eidy. I know that the father had thought of that before and is really not very close to Cokie anyway. After 6 weeks of not disciplining them and nurturing them, I am pretty sure they may have had enough of taking care of these little ones. They are very trying little girls and have to have lots of love and lots of discipline — so we’ll see what God has in store for us. Out of all of this though, it has caused me to re-think about the verses in the Word that speak of things that “cannot be shaken” (the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, His Word, etc.) and that ALL of my trust has to be in those things and not in situations and relationships here on earth. That is always a good reminder to check where our hearts are really at.

As I was talking to Marta about the girls’ family, it all came out that everyone is pretty sure that their father has Aids and that that is why their mom killed herself — she found out she also had aids. I have wondered about the girls and the way they never heal up from things and have lots of problems with their skin and infections continually. Eidy had a big swollen lump behind her ear one time recently as well. Marta had had the same suspicions and had not told me. I am going to have all the children tested in the future — not to change my decision to love and care for them but just to know what I am dealing with. There are LOTS of young people dying of Aids daily in those villages where these children are coming from and that may be why we need to start helping some children from around other areas. It may be that these will be special needs kids that we are not prepared to take care of in this ministry. Please be praying for me in all of this. If you have chosen to pray daily for Eidy or Cokie — PLEASE DO NOT STOP PRAYING FOR THEM — they need it more now than ever and I know God will answer your prayers for their protection and being loved and cared for. This is so hard on me but I know that we can trust that the Father, knowing all, is doing His perfect will for all of us. I have to admit the house has been so peaceful and it is really wonderful and at the same time very lonely. Those two little girls were the only trouble-makers I had and as much as I love them, they really wore me out on a daily basis. I feel so relaxed now and the other children are so much happier and peaceful. Blanca even said, “Praise God that Eidy is gone — she bothered everyone.” I didn’t realize that she was disturbing the others so much. Eidy has a mind of a little adult and it was scary sometimes the way she talked. The things she talked about, we don’t know where she learned them – she has been here since she just turned 3 and we don’t watch television here, etc. Anyway, just pray for all of us and especially for the girls and the whole situation.

I had a few doubts as to the wisdom of taking in the two newborns in the next few weeks because of how difficult my house was at times with Eidy and Cokie, etc. It seems that God has cleared up the obstacles and that was confirming to me as well, although this was not how I wanted it to be confirmed to me. I know the one baby is due on November 2nd (Tuesday), but of course may be late, and I am not sure when the other one is due. Please pray for us as we try to hear from the Lord and only move where he wants us to and not just do good things to be doing them — I want to be like Jesus and “only do what the Father is doing.”

I went through lots of doubts about myself and the ministry when I realized he was taking the girls back — whether I had heard right about what God wanted in this ministry, etc. But today I was so encouraged to look around at all the children and adults in Sunday School studying God’s Word and having such a hunger for God. This children’s home is probably my biggest ministry but the ministry of Destino del Reino reaches into lots of other areas. God continues to bless us and that is such confirmation that this is really HIS idea and He will do it. “Faithful is He who called you, who also will DO IT.” One new possibility on the horizon is concerning our school situation. I had asked you to pray for wisdom about what God would have us do about schooling the children in the future. I have been doubtful whether the bilingual school down the road is going to make it or not and also it is a lot of bussing the children back and forth, etc. This week my sister wrote and said she spoke to a woman in Atlanta a few weeks ago who has a ministry along with her husband, called Feed My Lambs, and they go to other impoverished countries around the world and start schools for them — paying salaries and for all the curriculum even. She talked to this woman about our ministry and the lady asked for our email and said she thought God would want her to come and build our school for us. I haven’t heard directly from the woman yet and maybe this is not even from God but it was encouraging to remember again that God can do ANYTHING He wants to do and we can just rest in His WAY!! Keep praying about this please.

Please keep praying for our church and Sunday School and all those involved. Loani, who has been our little Sunday School teacher for the children, is moving with her family in a few weeks. She doesn’t want to go and I have offered her to stay here and help us — she wants to continue her education and she is such a fireball for Jesus Christ and loving children. Right now her mom says she needs to go with her, but her mom told me today that she would continue to pray about it and see what God told her to do about Loani. So pray that she will know what is best for Loani. We have another woman lined up to help us with Sunday School though should Loani move — her name is Angelica and she called me about 6 weeks ago and wanted to start helping us here. She used to work for the bilingual Christian school and is out of work right now. She speaks English too and we can use her for a regular translator too. Thanks for your prayers on all of these details. God is so good to provide for us in every turn of the road — but I sure get tired of the turns sometimes.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. It seems we have had some difficulties lately but a lot of wonderful things at the same time to REJOICE in. — Lights and water are more than I could have ever dreamed of having — YEAH — God is GREAT!!

Love you all and let me know how to be praying for your personally.

In His SUFFICIENT grace,