Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all your prayers for the past two years for a bus. God has answered our prayers and we went to Tegucigalpa and picked up a great bus on Wednesday. Everyone is telling us we got a great bus and a great deal for it. The man came down in his price several times as Carlos told him about the ministry. Praise God for all His wonderful blessings. The bus even has air conditioning and tinted windows and I think God threw that into the deal so that our groups won;t have to suffer so much in the heat when we pick them up in San Pedro Sula during the summer months. We are so excited and we took all the kids out for pizza in it on Saturday night. They sang and laughed and loved every minute of their ride in their very own bus. Thanks for the prayers and to those who helped us buy this bus. Thanks to God who helped us find the one that we believe He had planned for us!! It should last forever too because mechanics in Honduras are miracle-workers with machines and so I am so thankful.

I told some of you that I felt like I wanted to find the brakes because God was driving too fast for my comfort level in all that He has been doing in the past few weeks. I decided to just crawl up in His lap and let Him drive as fast as he wants because he does all things well and perfect. I kept looking for a closed door to tell us to put the school off another year since I was getting nervous about how fast it is all happening. But instead, the Lord just keeps opening every door wider. It is clearly His plan and I am excited about it. We have gotten about 7 sponsors for kids so far and need another 13 or more but God will provide those, I’m sure. We have the three teachers hired and they are wonderful, experienced loving Christian teachers — our school is going to be EXCELLENT. Carlos and Marta and Angelica went to the shacks along the highway last week to get a census as to how many kids we might have and what grades to start with. Carlos has the same heart for the very poor as I have and we are so excited that they found a LOT of children living in the shacks and their moms actually cried when they found out that their children could attend school at all, much less a private Christian school with English too!! They cannot believe that God would bless them in this way and I am so blessed to be able to help educate the very poorest here. We are getting so excited about it. We found many of these poor families interersted too in riding our bus to church and so I know that we will be able to reach more than just the children in these families. Keep praying as we have LOTS to do yet. We already have a group from Augusta that has volunteered to come the first week of February to build all the school desks and we need bulletin boards and chalk boards, as well as a dividing wall on wheels for the pavillion. We will just the pavillion for two classrooms and the church for the third room and the storeroom behind the church will be our office for the school. God has provided all the furniture for a professional school office as well. We are doing a blue jeans drive for the boys in Augusta and it looks like we will be able to collect enough for them. We will find a good material and get the uniform jumpers for the girls made. They seem to make that a big priority in Honduras that everyone have uniforms and the private schools have to have a different kind of plaid than the public schools. So pray we can get all that together quickly as well. Each child needs two uniforms so we have lots to prepare for that. We are checking into ordering our curriculum as well. We still need a teacher for the English b ut will not worry about that for the first few months and just keep praying if we have to wait for someone to come during the summer. There is a young lady from UGA that is considering coming in May for the summer to teach ENglish so pray that God will confirm those plans if this is from Him.

Carlos is finishing up another storehouse this week for the extra things that will come with the girls’ home and then will begin on the windows for the pavillion. We need to enclose it soon since we will plan to start school in Valentine’s Day — so thanks for all your prayers.

Things are almost finished in the second house. The carpenter put in beautiful cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms and now is preparing benches for the ceramic counter and a pantry and we need to paint one more room and the outside of the house, but we will get it done with little difficulty in thenext few weeks. Carlos’ house is coming along as well and we hired two more masons for the next month so that we can ensure that it is ready in time for move-in during February. Thanks for all your prayers. Pray that the funds will continue to flow in for finishing up his house and the other projects that have to happen before February.

God has confirmed in so many ways that the girls from the Cassie Bernall home are to be living with us here at Destino. They will live in the second house until we can get their own house built for them on a beautiful piece of our land farther down the hill. Please be praying for the 17 girls. They are orphaned or abandoned and now are nervous about being moved again. I will get pictures and names for all of you as soon as we get them here on campus and you can pray for them by name. Pray for all the details of their move and for Mike and Maria Moore of Shepherd’s Hands as they are working out all the many details for change of administration for this home.

Keep praying for Scott and Dennis who are planning and praying about putting the center for evangelism here at the end of our property as well. God is up to great things and these men love the Lord and have His calling to evangelize and disciple Hondurans and this fits right with our desire as well. Pray for us to know exactly what God wants for this center and that He will open the doors clearly.

I have another BIG prayer request. The family next door to us have all received Christ within the past 2 years and have been growing spiritually and the children have been memorizing verses and reading their Bibles, and so happy to be in church. The father did not receive Christ and is very proud and has suddenly decided that his family is not going to be in this church anymore. THe whole family is sad but are obedient to their father but we really need God to change his heart so they can return to church and Sunday School. His name is Luis and please pray for his own salvation and that he will make good decisions for his precious family.


Pray for me schedule as I go to Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina during January. I get a little stressed wondering how I am going to see everyone and do all that is necessary so pray that God will guide me clearly and I will not feel guilty that I cannot see every person and do all that some expect of me. I am so exxcited to represent God’s miraculous work in Honduras but it can be so tiring too. I will be in Texas from December 29- January 4 and then in Georgia from January 4-20, with a short trip to North Carolina during that time to share at another church.

Thanks for all your prayers. I sure gave you a lot to pray about again in this email but we need a lot of help right now to prepare for the big changes in the near future.

I am so grateful to all of you for the many faithful prayers and for the gifts to the ministry as well. Carlos and I talked yesterday through our tears about just how good God has been to us to let us be a part of Destino del Reino. It is all miraculous and it feels like we are standing under a waterfall of God’s blessings pouring out and about to drown in it at times!! We both know that as long as we remain humble, recognizing that this is ALL about GOD and He gets all the glory, that God will continue to pour out His blessing and change many llives through this ministry. THanks for praying for us specifically in this. We want to be obedient to EVERYTHING that God has for us and to always give HIM every ounce of the glory!!

Love to all of you,