Hey Everyone,
This will be a short note (unusual for me, I know).   First of all thanks for praying for the money to come in.  We are now almost at one-fourth — about $5,000 more came in during the last 3 days.  Keep praying.  I also didn’t mean to make anyone think that if they didn’t have $1,000 to give, their gifts would not be appreciated and greatly multiplied by the Lord.  Thanks for every cent that is given for the building of the kingdom here in Honduras.  I appreciate everything you do for us and if you don’t give, your prayers are of GREAT value to the kingdom work.  Everyone is part of  what God is doing here, through prayers, encouragement and money.  Thanks so much.
Next, a BIG REQUEST FOR PRAYER.   Tomorrow night we are taking a group of our ministry team here into the village where so many of the people died in the bus crash this past week.   We will take the piano and the projector for songs and Carlos will show a short evangelical film and then preach the gospel.  This is a very critical time for them to come to know Jesus as their Savior (and comforter).  Please be praying that many will come to the center square on Saturday night and hear the TRUTH and receive Jesus Christ.   Pray for Carlos to be flowing in the Spirit and that he will speak HIS words and not his own.  Thanks for your prayers.  We will be counting on you.
Love to all of you,
In His Grace,