Hey Everyone,
I need y’all to pray for Sammy again.  We went to the beach yesterday with the 10 oldest kids and Carlos’ family with the plan to stay 2 1/2 days.  Yestereday evening when we got to the beach, Sammy got a little thorn in his left foot.  By the morning, he had the same cellulitis (apparently) that he had when he was in the hospital a month ago.  We took him to an emergency clinic and they said he needed to be in the hospital 3 days — so we got back in the bus and came back home to Siguatepeque and I am about to take him to check back into the clinic.  We need wisdom. Several people said they just did one injection of Rocefan (which we have in our own pharmacy) and it wiped out the cellulitis.  The doctors here keep saying we need to do another 3 day IV treatment that is more specifically for cellulitis, but it doesn’t get it completely out of his system and the next time he has an insect bite or another thorn, he could have a whole new infection.
Pray for us.   I don’t know if I can check my email again for three days so just pray in the meantime.  I am supposed to leave for my family reunion on Thursday so pray Sammy is so well that I can leave in perfect peace about his health.
Thanks so much for being there for us and that we can count on your prayers.
I will be calling Patti Arnold in Augusta today so if any of our pediatricians in Augusta have any ideas for me, call Patti at 706-799-1000.