Thank you sooooo much for your prayers for Sammy.  Right before we left to check into the hospital again, I was able to talk to our pediatricians in the US, who had been here the week before.  They knew exactly what we had in our own pharmacy at Destino and were able to start Sammy on an oral antibiotic  (Yeah, no injections).   He was so much better already today and he will finish a 10-day antibiotic and, Lord-willing, will really get it out of his entire system this time.  I think he never completely got over the last bout with cellulitis.  Thanks for your prayers.

While you are praying, PLEASE PRAY for our 50 new sponsors we need for the school kids who will be entering Destino this next month.  I feel a little nervous about that because that is a LOT — but God is the God of miracles and He will be faithful once again.  Thanks for praying for that though and if you want to put it in an announcement at your churches, etc. that would be great too.  Be sure and emphasize that we don’t just need the $40 a month for the kids, we NEED THE PRAYERS for those children.  Thanks so much.
Love yall and praise God for your encouragement and support in prayers,