Hey Everyone,

Thanks sooo much for praying for our group from Georgia last week.  We had 40 people, about twice the regular size, but it went really well.  It was harder for me personally because I could not possibly get to know well all the team members, but they had a great week and accomplished so much.  They had a medical brigade in several villages and many people received Christ as their Savior through their evangelism and children’s ministry.  They were able to put on a new roof for a very poor lady with 16 family members living with her.  They were cold and wet every night up on a mountain top because of their hole-y, not holy, roof.
They were able to get started on a bathroom for Carlos’ elderly parents.  They are in their 70’s and have never been able to use the restroom or take a shower inside their home.  Pray that we can get that finished really soon.  They had to stop in the middle of that project in order to build 30 new desks for the upcoming 4th graders.   Thanks for all your prayers for the team members and for great fruit for the kingdom of God.

Praise God — we have our two American teachers that we have been praying for for so long.  One is Sheri Wade from Escondito, California and the other is Emily Marino from Connecticut.  Please pray for them as they are preparing to make a huge life change — we all know they will love it but pray for them to adjust quickly and that we will be able to make them comfortable in this new environment.

Another praise is that we have been just waiting on God to move on the land.  We are about to get that last $30,000 in the bank from one couple and then we will have the full $100,000 we had needed for the 100 acres of land.   We just felt a peace to wait on God since the last time the company representative came, he acted as if  another buyer was offering more, etc.  Well, they called Carlos yesterday and they were ready to receive his proposal and acted like they are ready to do something about this immediately.  The even better news is that the land is 20 more acres than we had thought and yet they still plan to accept the same amount — please keep this matter in your prayers so that we can get this behind us and settled and OFFICIAL.   Thanks.

Pray for us as we are having to do so much to get ready for the school year.  Praise God for the money that has been provided for all the school books — that is a HUGE relief to me.   Pray for the container that is on its way on Friday — that it will arrive safely and that we can get it out of the port easily (less trips back and forth for Carlos) and that it won’t cost so much to get it out.  Thanks for covering all these things in your prayers.

There is lots going on and I will write later when I get caught up a bit.  I am feeling a huge burden after having a week without accomplishing much in my office.   Thanks for your prayers.  We plan to take the oldest 11 kids to the beach for 2 days and need prayer for safety and maybe a little ??? relaxation for me.  I doubt that is the best way to relax though, ha.  I will be going to my family reunion the following week for 4 days so maybe that will be a better chance for me personally to rest, but pray for these trips and God’s protection and provision.

We are so blessed to have you all praying for us and I praise God for all He is continuing to do through you in your prayers for Destino del Reino.

Love in His grace,