Hey everyone,

I need to have some help and wonder who may be interested.  I have to take over the sponsorship administration temporarily until we find a volunteer to do this.   If anyone would be interested in doing this for us, please let me know immediately.  Our sponsorship person has resigned from Destino and we need to get something in place really soon.   The responsibility would to be to take requests for sponsorships and assign a student to that person and send them the instructions (already prepared) on how to sponsor, etc.  Also, the person would send out the pictures and thank-you notes twice a year to the 9 “room mothers” who would then take the pictures for the students in their particular grade and send them on to the 25 to 30 sponsors for the chidlren in that grade.   I can provide the lists, etc.  Right now I have all the school pictures taken on a flash drive and need to get them on the website and let the sponsors look for and download their sponsored student’s individual pictures.  If someone requests a hard copy of the student’s teacher, the administrator of the sponsorship would then send a printed copy of the picture to that sponsor

I also need 9 room mothers.  I have been out of the loop on this for several years so could you write me and let me know if you are a room mother for one grade already and are willing to continue with that position.   Also, if anyone is interested in doing this, I would be so grateful.  My parents have all the pictures and thank-yous for Christmas at their house right now and are waiting for some addresses to send these to.   Remember that you can’t hit “reply” to this email but need to write to me at rhondadestino@yahoo.com   — send me your address if you are willing to be a room mother.  Once again, this just involves your sending out 30 or less pictures and thank you letters to the sponsors of your class two times each year.  Please pray for the Lord to lead me to the right people.  I just do not have time to take this on myself and need HELP QUICK!!!