Hey Praying Friends,

We are in urgent need of $10,000 to buy another used bus ASAP — we have not been able to fixx our big bus still and we have been running about 280 students and teachers on a very small bus.  Our older bus is not fixable and was sold for parts and we need another bus immediately.  Please pray with me that God will miraculously provide this money for another bus immediately.  Thanks so much.  He is able and we will wait on HIM.

Also, we have great news about our electricity situation — it looks like God is doing above and beyond what we have asked of Him.  Instead of just giving the school free electricity they are deciding to give the children’s home free electricity in the future as well.  All we need to continue to pray about is their forgiving the debt and that is also in the process right now.  Thanks for your prayers.  God is doing amazing things at Destino and we can see His blessings all over us.  Thank you for the prayers for the bus and we know He will once more provide for these children.

Love to all of you,


PS.  Remember you need to write me at rhondadestino@yahoo.com — you cannot hit “reply” to this email message.