Hey Everyone

Just wanted to give an update on my dad.  He has been moved to an acute care center.  He has developed body convulsions that just come on at any time and so he cannot walk.  His bladder has quit functioning as well.  They are re-evaluating him because these symptoms were not present when he was in the hospital, although he said his doctor told him these can be brought on by a stroke as well.   We don’t know but he has a good neurologist now so keep on praying.  Praise God, I got some frequent flyer miles given to me and I will be in Augusta from Tuesday (19th) to Wednesday (27th) so we can make some decisions and I can visit my parents.   If anyone in the Augusta area could loan me a car for that week, I would GREATLY appreciate it.   My dad totaled his car when he had the stroke and I need one to use during my visit.  Also my parents would like to have another Prius.  They really loved that car.  If anyone knows anyone who is selling a used Prius in good condition, please let me know about when I am in Augusta.  Also, my dad loves people and he has not had many visitors so if anyone has some time to go by and see him, please call my mom at 706-731-5216 for more information as to where he is — somewhere on  S tevens Creek.  Thanks everyone.   Please call me at my parents’ house when I am in Augusta and come by and see me.   Everyone else outside of the Augusta areaa, thank you for continuing to pray for all of us during this hard time — we need a lot of wisdom and God’s healing for both of my parents.   Thanks.

In His grace,