We had quite a few volunteers during May and June this year.   Pastor Wade came again and brought two dentists with him (Dr. Wright and Jon Ennis from Augusta, Georgia).  The dentists were able to see many students (pulling and filling teeth all day long for 4 days).   Pastor Wade assisted with the dentists as well as speaking in our church services twice and also talking to the junior high and high schoolers on Missions Day.   Thank you for your tireless service to all our students.

Also we have had three young women come and help us in the school during these weeks.  Anna McKinney (Augusta, Georgia), Morgan Colander (attends Lee College and from Colorado), and Laura Rensberger (teacher from Houston, Texas).   We are so thankful for all the extra assistance from these three young ladies, especially during the most busy time of our school year.

We were so happy that the Espinal family came back to visit us as well in early June.   Their daughter had the desire to teach our kids how to sew and they purchased four sewing machines and taught not only my girls but some of my older boys, how to sew bags and zipper pencil holders, etc.   Ashley and Arlen and their daughters, Alexis and Juliet, were a great encouragement to us — and great with all the children.  Thank you for taking time to come and see us.