Hey Everyone,

We are attempting to get a container sent to us by end of March this year.   John Turner, our board member who is in charge of shipping the container, has a shipping company and the summer months are the busiest time for his business so we are trying to get the Destino container shipped earlier this year.    John is located in Augusta, Georgia but if you would like to collect things for Destino, his trucks are all around the US regularly and he may have a truck near your area to pick-up your collected items.  Check with me first before collecting in another area.   I know that if you are in Houston or Dallas, he will certainly be able to pick-up from those areas so if there are friends that would like to help us collect in Texas, thank you so much.   Below is the list that we have so far.   I am going to try to get the list put on the website page so that we can add to it as we think of other items.  I know there are only about 7 weeks to collect but God knows our needs and I know that He will put this together even with the shorter time frame.

List of Needs:

Any and all school supplies — crayons, erasers, pencils, pens of every color, white board markers, colored pencils, construction paper, notebook paper, folders, notebooks, protractors, compasses, rulers, composition notebooks, pencil sharpeners, tempera paints, etc.

Children’s clothing — we not only need them for the children’s home but we share them with the poor around us.  We need every size from 1 year old to 18 year olds.    We also have some teens who use men’s small and women’s small and mediums.    We are so grateful for any used items you can collect for us but please don’t send two-piece bathing suits, mini skirts, mini shorts, out-of-style clothes, men’s suits and jackets, etc.   Thanks so much.

Children’s shoes — all sizes — tennis shoes are the biggest need and slip on casual shoes for girls.

Plastic drinking cups for the whole school — about 500 needed to include adult education classes and English classrooms.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Medicines for school — Tylenol, band-aids, stomach medicines, antibiotic creams, etc.

30 computers (lap-tops or standing computers)

Books in Spanish only — we have lots of library books in English but have very few in Spanish.

CD players and DVD players for classroom use

Big screen for the gym for use with church worship and for school activities

Projector for gym

Two basketball goals – official size — for gym

Washing machine



Love seats

Children’s chairs

Children’s durable toys (not things with lots of little pieces) — bulkier toys are best.

Generator for gym

Musical instruments for the band

Desks for teachers

Laboratory materials (flasks, Bunsen burners, etc.) — for chemistry classes and other sciences in high school and college level

Office-type copy machine

Baby walkers and high chair

Diapers/diaper wipes  (all sizes)

Tools for the shop

Metal cutter/sander

Electric drills

Tires for buses

Jack for buses

Mechanical computer for checking buses

Dental machine

Long tables for university classes

Folding chairs for university classes



If you have any questions, you can write me at rhondadestino@yahoo. com or call John Turner at 706-830-4072.   Thanks for anything you can help us with on the list.

In His grace,