Hey Friends,

Please pray for us at Destino.   It has been a really rough weekend with lots of battles (sickness, conflict, losing one of our older girls, etc.) and NOW, our water pump went out.  It will cost about $3,000 to replace it and first we need to be able to find one quickly for sale in the city.   So please pray that (1) God will provide the money; (2) we can find the pump we need quickly; and (3) we can get the right person to do the work  (the man we trust to do this kind of work cannot work this week but knows someone that may be able to).   We have our first group coming in on Saturday for a sports camp and children’s day camp and we REALLY need water by then.   If all goes smoothly (because of your prayers) we should be able to have water in four or five days.  Thanks for always being available to pray us through these crises.

Love to all of you,

In His grace,