Hey Everyone,

Thanks for praying for me even when I get too busy to keep you posted.  I’m sorry about that.  I write a little bit more on Facebook but am sorry I haven’t updated the rest of you for several months.

The biggest news for us is that my four oldest kids have passed the ACT test and are pursuing their plans to study at Bryan College (my alma mater).   In January the soccer coach and his wife came to visit us to get to know the ministry and to consider soccer scholarships for several of the kids.   As of now, Coach Jeremy is considering giving Cesar 75-80% scholarship, Franklin 30% scholarship and believes his brother (the women’s soccer coach) may give Blanca about 50%.    Carlos would not have any scholarship at this point because he is not playing soccer, but will have to get a job once he is on campus.   The cost for just room and board (not included in the tuition scholarships) is $7,000 each.   The regular tuition is $16,000 so Carlos will need $23,000, Franklin approximately $18,000; Blanca approximately $15,000 and Cesar approximately $11,000.   I know this sounds like an incredible mountain to climb but I am so sure that God is in this that I am asking all of you to be praying.   We are trying to get some scholarship monies from companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola — people have told me that they have millions every year that were set aside for scholarships and no one ever applied for them.   I also had one woman last summer tell me she believed that if I sent my kids to college in the US that her church would support one of them.   I have no idea what God is going to do to make this happen but I am convinced this is his plan for them.    There have been so many confirmations along the way and the Coach and his wife are praying that Bryan College will somehow become more allied with Destino del Reino in a way that we can start sending kids regularly to college at Bryan.   They would have to be good in English to study there and so it would mostly be the kids that lived with me and maybe a few of the school students that would be able to do that.   Please be praying about each of these needs and if there is a specific student that you would like to help, let me know.

Carlos wants to be a science teacher.   He is 19 and he has already been co-teaching the 5th and 6th grade science classes this year.   He has no parents other than me and is a great kid who loves the Lord.

Franklin wants to study engineering and especially is interested in robotics.  He already understands so much technology and helps here at Destino with the internet and computer projects and repairs.    He comes from a family of 12 kids and 3 of them live with me.  He has been with us for 10 years and wants to serve the Lord with his life.

Cesar at this point is pursuing medicine, but is praying about how his soccer career will fit in with his studies.  He is exceptional in soccer and it is all natural talent so I can’t wait to see how he plays after some coaching.  He is already a strong leader in my home and has a heart to serve Christ in the world.

Blanca is my oldest child and has waited now until she is 21 to get to go to college.  She has been our English Kindergarten teacher this year and assisted teaching for the past three years in other English classes.  She wants to study nursing and loves people and is the other mama in my house for all the children.  She is an incredible leader and will make His name known wherever He sends her.

I am pretty sad about the thought of losing these kids in my home but God has made it clear that I have done my part and He needs to finish off his leadership training with them and it will not be under my roof.   I have 20 others to work with and get them prepared to serve Christ now who are still going to be with me for a long time.

I know that God will provide but just don’t know how yet.   Please be praying fervently with me about this — if you want to talk to your churches about helping, that would be great.   These kids are great investments in Christ’s Kingdom work and are pre-missionaries!!!    I need to have some idea about how God is going to accomplish this in the next two months (before May, when they could be sent their acceptance letters to apply for visas).

Pray in faith with me — we have a BIGGER-than-life God and He loves these kids and has great purpose for their lives — they just need preparation.   On my heart as well is for them to have godly friends and meet their future mates at college.   In this culture there are few young people who have a true passion for Jesus Christ and a desire to serve him with their lives.   Thanks for your prayers.

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Thanks so much for joining me in this Big Adventure.

Love in His Grace,