Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks for always remembering Destino del Reino in your prayers.   God is up to something very big here and I am amazed to see how he is working out details to use Destino to further His Kingdom work in Honduras.

Last week, Pastor Wade and Pastor Kevin (from Tennessee) came to do a Bible conference at Destino.   Our pastors at Destino attended the conference and were so hungry to be taught the Word of God in such depth as Pastor Wade and Pastor Kevin presented to us all.   At the end of the time together, the result was that our pastors in Honduras have asked Pastor Wade and Kevin to return on a quarterly basis for the next few years to teach pastoral training and discipleship to them and to other leaders of the surrounding churches.   Pastor Christian has 180 pastors under his leadership in his ministry and there is a huge opportunity to train many in how to make disciples who then in turn will disciples so that there will be a great multiplication of the fruit here in Honduras and other parts of Central America.   I am so thrilled to see God putting together people who can make this happen and can only imagine what He is up to with this new open door.   Please be praying for the first session, November 15-19 and that many leaders and pastors will be in attendance.

In connection with this first training session, it is going to be held in our new lodge which has been under construction for over a year now.   We are speeding up our work so that it can be completed in October and have found people to finish the septic system, the plumbing, the water towers, etc.  We still need to finish the flooring and are getting estimates on that today.   Please pray for God to provide all the funds to finish up this project quickly so we can begin using the lodge, “Dulce Refugio” (Sweet Refuge) for His Kingdom’s advancement.

We will be sending our shipment from Augusta out on September 30, so we only have about 3 weeks or so to collect the needed supplies here at Destino.   if you would like to help us, we need school supplies, used clothing and shoes for the kids and adults here at Destino, as well as 60 pillows, 15 more sheets (single), lots of towels, and kitchen equipment (pots and pans, plates, silverware, etc. for serving the people who use the lodge).   Our kids’ sizes are as follows if any of you have children who have outgrown some of their clothes:

Girls:   Size 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16 and teen size 2 and 6’s or 8’s. and small and medium women’s tops for my teen girls.

Boys:  Size:  5, 6, 10, 12, 14, men’s size small and medium sizes for my teen boys.

If you want to help in any way, you can deliver the items to Turner Transport, 1494 Wrightsboro Road, Augusta, Georgia 30901 or send items from Amazon to that address.   John Turner will be collecting the items before the 25th of September and send them out on the 30th.   Thanks for any help you can be to get the needed items to us.

School is going well with the students still studying in their homes and turning in their assignments each week at their bus stops.   We have lost a few who have gone to the US, and about 5 who have dropped out but will come back in and repeat the year once classes (hopefully) start in person in February.   We only have about 7 more weeks of class now and I am so proud of the students and their parents who have worked with them in their homes to complete the school work.   Thanks for praying for them.   We will be sending out a letter/drawing from the students to their sponsors in mid-October and it will contain a picture of each student.   I am sorry it has taken so long for you sponsors to get a picture of your students.   I will do better next year.   We will need 50 more sponsors next February so let me know if you have someone in mind who would like to sponsor, and especially to pray for one of our students.

I am so blessed by the Father to be able to live with these precious people in Honduras.   They are humble and desiring of more of God so pray that I will be a light to many here.   Thanks for the prayers for my knee surgery — it still is hurting some each day but I see regular progress and am thankful for that.

All the kids are doing well and love each other well.   They are enjoying Sunday School classes at our church and are memorizing scripture every day.  They are working on Hebrews 12 right now and are down to about verse 7 now.

Thanks for your prayers for us and all the financial support as well.  God is providing for so many here and we are amazed at His provision so faithfully to feed and educate so many children who will become leaders for Christ in this nation and hopefully in other nations.

Love in His grace,