Many have asked, so we want to keep you updated with the various needs at Destino del Reino.

Ongoing needs

  • Used children’s clothing and shoes
  • Peanut Butter
  • School supplies
  • Baby shampoo
  • Socks, underwear for children
  • Puzzles
  • Children’s books
  • Coloring books and colors
  • Durable children’s toys
  • Bikes
  • Children’s Tylenol or Ibuprofen
  • Children’s cold medicines
  • Vitamins
  • Toothbrushes and paste
Current Needs

  • Pick- up truck
  • SUV or large car for carrying more children
  • Furniture — beds, chairs, couches, refrigerator, stove (for furnishing teachers’ houses)
  • Pillows, blankets, dishes, etc. (teachers’ houses)
  • Large flat screen televisions for classrooms
  • Athletic equipment for school — balls, nets, bats, etc.
Financial needs

  • Retirement fees for past years for teachers (lack about $7,000)
  • Uniforms for upcoming school year ($3,000)
  • English books for school year ($3,000)
  • School books for Spanish subjects ($2,000)
  • Shoes for upcoming school year ($2,000)
  • Funds for finishing the clinic (app. $5,000)
Future Projects

  • Finishing the clinic
  • Begin the junior high and high school — (need in 2011)
  • Finish the third house (above the clinic)
  • Small house for pastors get-away in the woods
  • Campground for youth and church retreats

Personnel Needed

  • Houseparents for the second house
  • School teachers and assistants in English classes
  • Someone to network our computer classes and teacher’s computers
  • Dentists to come and volunteer in the clinic and treat all the children