Hey Everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a couple of weeks but we have been very busy and I have had a lot of company. In fact, I have the group here right now from Houston and was planning to write a report after they left on Monday but need your prayers before that time. The men have worked hard several days now and they said the well they dug is the best one they have ever done but there doesn’t seem to be any water — it appears to be a dry hole. They will give it one more try tomorrow and then we will have to see what we can do from there — but please pray because God could make this work if He wants and the men are so disappointed, even more than I am — they were so excited to do this for the children. But their drill only goes about 150 feet and some of the wells around here have been dug as much as 500 feet before they reached good plentiful water — that may cost us as much as $5,000 to get one of the big rigs in here to do the well — I know that God is absolutely able to provide all the money we need for every facet of this ministry but we need water very soon — PLEASE PRAY fervently for the water to come through this well tomorrow (if you read this in time) or that the money will be provided quickly for the drilling of another well (much deeper). Thanks for praying. The men will be showing the Honduran workers how we want to put in the septic tank tomorrow and that, in itself, will be worth their trip here (at least to me) — I am so thankful for this group of friends from Tomball Bible Church in Houston who have given so much of their time and money to come and serve this ministry. So please pray for each of them, that God will greatly bless their lives for all they are doing here.

Speaking of blessing — Jim Bargeron has been such a blessing to the ministry of Destino del Reino. He came over last week with my parents to wire the entire house in preparation for electricity (whenever we get that in) — He brought all the materials as well as doing all the work (with my dad’s help of course) and has saved us hundreds of dollars in labor and materials. Also, Steve Huffman (from West Acres) and Ronnie Tullis (from DaySpring), I understand, contributed to buying the materials and I don’t even know these men — God continues to bless this ministry abundantly through people everywhere — many that I have not even met yet. So if you know these men, please thank them for me and Destino del Reino, and please pray that God will bless them abundantly for all they have done for these children.

Another big prayer need is the transporting of the bus to Honduras. The deadline for collecting and packing the bus is April 30th and we need it to get here as soon after that time as possible — we still need to work out the details of shipping it here on the Dole Pineapple ships and need God to clear the way for us to do that. If all else fails, we could pay for someone to fly from here and drive it back for about $1,300) — but please pray for the Lord to show us exactly how to do this the most economical way. The bus has on it the generator for our electricity as well as all the household furnishings. I have been told that the people in Tomball are giving beyond anything I can imagine and are so precious in trying to provide everything these children could possibly need as we open the first home in May — so thanks for all your prayers — God is soooo good and will faithfully work out every detail.

Some great news — the group from Alabama that will be here in two weeks were not expecting to have the additional funds to pay for the wood necessary for the furniture they will be building when they come. I didn’t have the additional finances to help either. But God has miraculously provided $1,750 for the materials and wood — when they priced the wood and materials in the States, it came to exactly $1,758 — can you believe God’s perfect provision??!! Please be praying as we wil be taking an additional group up into the mountain villages around Jocon to do medical brigades during the middle of that week. The villages where we are going are very dangerous but I know God will protect these people and we will appreciate your prayers. Very few medical brigades have ever gone into these villages and the needs are great but it is hard to get to and often dangerous and the facilities are rough, so thanks for your prayers on all of those details. The dates are March 22-30.

I have some other great news — we are going to have a WEDDING in April and it will be the first one I have seen in Jocon. The couple I live with (Fernando and Rosy) have never been married and they have three children (typical of our village). When Fernando accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, he immediately said that he wanted to marry Rosy and knew that was what God wanted him to do. The problem was that his first wife had left him 12 years ago and never divorced him. She lived about 13 hours away by bus and the paper work is difficult, etc. He would have to miss days from work and pay (which he has little of) and so it seemed impossible. We began to pray and it ends up that one of his cousins had become a lawyer the past few years and obtained the divorce for him for very little money and in a short amount of time. We are so excited to be planning their wedding now and it will be such a sweet example to the rest of the village. Linda Bargeron sent a beautiful elegant dress for Rosy to be married in and Jennifer with the Alabama group is trying to find a suit for Fernando — we’re going to have a great time and it is such an exciting time for my whole Honduran family. Next year, they plan to move up to Siguatepeque at Destino del Reino and Rosy will be our first school teacher — God is so good to me and has given me so many precious friends here —

I guess that is all for tonight. I am so tired as we painted the first room today. They will be painting the outside of our home next week and that will really be fun to see. It is going to be forest green on the bottom 1/4 and a light taupe on the top 3/4 of the house (Honduran-style).

Please continue to write and let me know how I can be praying for each of you specifically. I love to be part of your lives in that way. I praise God over and over for all your prayers and please continue. He is doing great things here and your prayers are being heard.

I love you all and thank you for your encouragement and support.

Love in Him,