Hey Everyone,

Thanks sooooo much for your prayers. God is answering continually and we especially need your prayers right now about the well. It was disappointing (especially for the men that worked so hard) to come up with a dry well last week, but God has a perfect plan and He will reveal it to us in His perfect timing. We had a man go out to the land yesterday (I didn’t go along so I don’t know the details) – but he evidently has a machine that shows where to find the water — he said the last hole was not where the water is and he found a place nearby where we need to drill. I don’t know if he is right or not, but we DO know that we have to have a bigger drilling rig to go much deeper than the 110 feet we went last week. Please pray for God’s direction. My father contacted someone who told him that the Southern Baptists have a big rig here in Honduras for drilling the deeper wells but you needed permission from Atlanta to use it. He has a call into one of his friends, John Bryan, to see if he can get that permission for us. So PLEASE be praying in the next day or two about that!! Thanks.

I’m leaving for Jocon for about 6 days in a little while. I will be back in Siguatepeque next Wednesday to get ready to meet the group from Alabama coming to build the furniture and also send a medical brigade to Jocon. Please keep this group in your prayers — for safety and God’s direction in all they are doing. God has confirmed over and over again to them and me that this is His plan for them to be a part of the ministry and we want to hear clearly from Him as to how He wants to use them. They are a precious group and I appreciate your prayers for their time here (March 22-29). Thanks.

Last week, Diane and Janet and I were walking past the 4 little houses next to Destino and we were near the creek at the end of the hill when we saw two ladies with baskets of clothes on their heads walking away from the water. I asked them where they lived and they pointed over a hill. When I asked them if there were other houses there also, they told me there was a whole village over that hill. I am so excited about that discovery for several reasons. It is another opportunity to tell some more people about Jesus Christ and the hope they can have in Him, as well as it means there are more children down there who need a school — The children next to us in the 4 houses have to go about 4 miles away to school and that means these children in this nearby village also go that far. Our school will be a real help to all of these little ones and we can also give them a Christian education too. So be praying for us as we start making arrangements to talk with the mayor about opening our school this next year. Thanks.

I thank the Father for all of you who pray so faithfully for this ministry. God is blessing it continually and you are as big a part of it as I am because He called you to be the pray-ers!! Let me know how to be praying for each of you also and I will be a part of your ministries in that way too.

Love in Him,