Hey Everyone,

Thanks sooooo much for all your prayers for the last few weeks. God has done marvelous things and I can’t express it sufficiently but I praise Him and thank you for being a part of it all with your faithfulness in praying.

The group from Gadsden, Alabama came last Friday and we have had a tiring but GLORIOUS week! It has been so full of beautiful things and so much giving on their part to the ministry of Destino del Reino and to the people of Honduras in general. They all had such a beautiful attitude and came with grateful hearts that were ready to serve tirelessly and they accepted all of us with such loving hearts. We could recognize the Spirit of grace in their lives immediately when they got here. It is hard to believe that I could love people this much who I had never met until a week ago. God truly knits hearts together and He did it so quickly this week with all of us. We had a couple of days all together before we split the group up and half stayed in Siguatepeque to build the furniture and to paint some of the rooms. The other half headed up to Jocon and we did two medical brigades us there. Everyone worked so hard and so much was accomplished for the Kingdom!! I was with the medical team in Jocon and when we returned on Wednesday night, we could not believe how BEAUTIFUL the furniture was!! It was amazing how much they got done and how wonderful everything looks. The beds are so solid and I will not be rearranging furniture so often as I was accustomed — ha — I couldn’t move these beds. They have drawers under each one and we really needed that space for the childrens’ clothes. They also built huge window seats for all the rooms with storage space inside and we have curtains and cushions for the window seats to match (thanks to Carol). It is so exciting because the house really is looking like a home now!!

I was so thankful for the willingness of the medical team to go up into the village near Destino to do a clinic on Thursday afternoon. The people are so loving and humble there and so desperately poor. I was thankful for the medical aide they received on Thursday but also that we could make good contacts with them and they will know that in the future I am just over the next mountain and will give them medicines and minister to them in the future. I know God is going to open up so much ministry for me in that little area. There are very few Christians there and they need Jesus!! Be praying for that village — Las Germanias. Thanks.

Also please be praying for the working out of the details for the well in the very near future. I really pray that we can take care of that business this week so we can move on to the next steps (septic system, etc.).

I have a WONDERFUL praise report — Rickey and Kay (two of my new friends from Alabama) gave us a 1993 van and are getting it ready to be driven here in the next few weeks. Pastor Johnny wants to make the trip and we’ll be praying if that is the best way to get the van to Honduras — I just can’t believe how God provides everything we need so faithfully. It may be that we can work out the possibility of putting the van on the same ship that brings our bus from Houston — anyway, please praise God with me for this answer to prayer and pray also for the details in getting it to us. Thanks.

I have a very broken heart today. Yesterday we lost one of my dearest friends in Honduras. Denis, 17-year old who was our praise and worship leader in my church here in Siguatepeque died in the river yesterday afternoon. I am still in shock and my eyes are swollen but I just rejoice that He is with Jesus — He was already so much of the time in the presence of God that it probably wasn’t that big of a jump for Him to be in the glorious presence of the Father now in heaven. It is such a loss for our church though and for each of us personally and we would all appreciate your prayers. We were scheduled to have an all-night prayer meeting at Destino tonight but we have canceled it until a later time. Sunday will be VERY difficult in church and I pray that we will rejoice in Denis’ resurrection as we rejoice on Easter in our Lord Jesus’ resurrection that made it possible. They buried him this morning and did not embalm him because they wanted time to pray and see if it was God’s desire to raise him from the dead — that was so wonderful — I realized that I hadn’t even thought of that — God could have done it and that would have been so wonderful, but I have to trust His wisdom in taking Denis. I can’t imagine how we will ever be the same in our church again but I know God will be faithful to raise up another anointed man to do this ministry — please continue to pray for his family and especially for the church and Dina (his best friend and sister). Thanks.

I love each of you and thank God continually for your faithfulness in praying for every step of this ministry — I rejoice in God’s provision for all we need and I was especially rejoicing this week as I got to hold a few of the babies we are going to be bringing to Destino del Reino in the future — God has an awesome plan for their lives and for all of Central America as they go out as adults with the Great good news of our LIVING God who brings HOPE to the poor and needy.

Thanks for your prayers and be sure and let me know how to be praying for each of you individually. I love you all.

In His WONDERFUL Grace –