Hey Everyone,

I know it hasn’t even been a week since I wrote you but I have some urgent things for y’all to be praying for:

(1) The man has agreed to come and drill our well next after another one he has scheduled on Monday here in Siguatepeque. Please pray that the part that keeps breaking on his drill will stay FIXED while he is doing this project and through the drilling of our well and that we will find ABUNDANT WATERS at Destino del Reino. The probable date for starting is Thursday this week (May 2).

(2) We just received news that the bus can NOT be shipped by the Dole Pineapple boat out of Houston. Now we have a fully loaded bus ready to come to Destino and we need to get it driven here. Moncho would probably be able to come to Houston and drive it down the third or fourth week of May but it will cost the following: $500 for his plane ticket to Houston; $600 for his labor charge for driving so far; $1,000 for the taxes to get the bus into Honduras (and for all future charges in country for our bus); and about $1,500 for the gasoline and other border charges, etc. We need the money quickly and I know the Father can do WHATEVER He wants, but please be praying about this for us. If your church would be interested in taking on a project like this on short notice, please mention it to them too. I know the Father will do all things WELL and PERFECT but I’m not sure which direction we need to go with this right now. Just help me pray at this point!

I praise God for all He is doing. The house is coming along. The bathrooms are quickly being completed and we will put in the toilets next week as well as the counters in the bathrooms and kitchen. We are getting the second slab done right now and they have to have it completed in the next 3 weeks. Things are moving quickly and they are way “too high for me” so pray that I will REST in Him and not fret.

My parents and Jim and Linda are coming in on Monday and we will paint the inside of the house. It will be so good to get all of that accomplished. Please pray that God will richly bless them for their “labor of love” and so much help to the ministry too.

I love each of you and trust that God will use you greatly as you “get on your knees” with these requests that we need so quickly. Thanks soooooo much and I love each of you and praise God for giving me such a band of warriors in prayer for this ministry and for me. I have been a little discouraged lately and it is not for any apparent reason except obviously attacks from the enemy, so please help me in prayer against that too.

Love to all of you,