Hey Everyone,

I just got back from about 4 days in La Ceiba (on the Carribbean coast of Honduras). I went to spend some time encouraging and praying with a missionary friend and God used the time there to encourage ME! I had a chance to spend some time with so many missionaries in that area and I have never really spent any time with other missionaries while I’ve been here in Honduras. I especially loved the time of prayer on Thursday morning with my friends’ neighbors (also missionaries). They really prayed for me specifically in so many areas and I knew that the Spirit was leading them because they prayed so many things that were on my heart without really knowing me. God is SO good to me and waters me when I don’t even know I’m “dry”. I got a chance to see where Brad and Kanda are ministering outside of La Ceiba at a place called Balfate. There are about 5 doctors/surgeons and their families who have moved there and are building a hospital for the poor in the area. The hospital should be finished this year and it is such a wonderful ministry. God used my time there in so many ways. The neighbor missionary that I mentioned praying with, is an expert with computers, satellites, etc. He told me that I could get equipment (a satellite) for about $900 and then pay $120 a month at Destino del Reino and that would enable me to have internet and phone lines in my home. He said it can run on our diesel generator and that the set up would enable me to have a local phone in Augusta at my sister’s house and when that phone rang there, it would also ring in my house here, and I would pick it up. The people calling that number would only be paying the price it cost to call my sister’s house in Augusta. I just couldn’t believe the new technology available now. If some of you who are reading this are knowledgable in this area, can you do a little researching on that for me and see what we would need. It would be such a WONDERFUL advantage also to be able to send and receive emails right there at our house. There are no phone lines and I have been graciously given a cell phone which we will still need for local calls, but this additional equipment would be so wonderful. I had heard a little about it in the past but assumed it would cost thousands of dollars —

Another thing that came my way from my visit to La Ceiba was that I found out about a couple that had been with the Balfate ministry until about 6 months ago. They really believed they were to work with a children’s home and left Balfate. They went to a children’s home near Comayagua (just 45 minutes from Destino) and now do not believe this is where God wants them to work. I have never met them but they come highly recommended by all the other missionaries at Balfate who lived with them closely. The first night I heard about them, I started wondering about their possible interest in coming to Destino del Reino as we will be needing houseparents for the second house by late August or early September. I didn’t say anything to anyone. Later, when I found out that they are thinking they may need to leave their current ministry, that really made me start wondering about them. The real icing on the cake was when I found out that the man is a master contractor (or something like that). I have been praying that the next housefather would be able to oversee the construction that is continuing at Destino del Reino and we won’t have to have others come out each day to check the work. I have written this couple and asked them to pray about coming to Destino. Please help me pray too that we will all know what is God’s will for this couple and for Destino. Their names are Will and Karen Schofield and they have 4 children, ages ranging from 9 to 2. They are from Mississippi. They evidently are not satisfied where they are because they had wanted to raise children from very young ages (like DR) and they have been given the responsibilty of 30 older children and they are just disciplining all the time and not really getting to nurture and train them up. I am probably very premature in even mentioning this because they haven’t even received my email introducing myself yet — but I guess it is NEVER too early to start praying. If they were interested, I would love for him to come to the home in June and meet Pam and get a feel for the construction plans. So be praying . . .

Our house is in the same shape (if not worse) and it will be at least 3 more weeks before we have a roof covering the rest of the house. I think the hardest thing for me is that I have everyone’s stuff in my room as well as my own and the place is a WRECK!! Plus everything is so dirty and dusty that you feel sticky all the time. This is part of humbling me, I’m sure!!

I have tried several times to find the lawyer that was referred to me in Yoro but he has never been in his office. I found another one today and it ends up that he has all the right papers for our permission for the children. The best part though is that a man waiting in the office overheard our conversation about the children’s home and when we walked out, he asked if he could add his grandson (age 4) to the list. So we put him at the top of our list. The lawyer then had us go next door to try to find the mother of two little boys (ages 2 and 4) that are always in the street. Their mother was not there and we will try to find her later. They didn’t even have a house. When we entered the breezeway between two other houses, there was just dirt and a little shelter out there in the open. An older child was there with the children today but he is usually not there and they are alone. They are right next to the lawyer’s office so we are praying she will go there and sign them up to go to Destino del Reino. The lawyer will encourage her to do this too. I have been fretting too much about which children we should take, etc. I talked to a lady last week that had 14 children and couldn’t feed them but wouldn’t even think about letting us help her. I was at first really disappointed and upset, but then quickly remembered that we have all been praying that God will send ONLY those that He intends to make into His disciples and missionaries for the future. So I need to continue to trust HIS selection. Then, today I get three more just like that right here in Yoro. God is so good and has a very specific plan. Please continue to pray for these little children and that I will be able to get the list of names back to the lawyer in the next two weeks for preparation of the legal papers for permission. Thanks.

The other prayer requests are pretty much the same for getting the house opened soon: (1) well; (2) septic system; (3) clearance to ship the bus and van over on a Dole Pineapple ship (so far Mike hasn’t been able to get ahold of the man that needs to give the permission); (4) legal papers through the attorney here in Yoro for permission to care for the children; (5) group coming in to build the second house from June 8 to 18; and (6) finances to finish up the house we need to open soon — about $2,000 for tile; $1,000 for the rest of the doors; $1,000 for all the cabinets and that should be about all — we’re about to get there. God has provided everything we needed just in time so we will continue to trust Him — He is ALWAYS faithful. I have struggled several times lately trying to think how each step will work out and the timing for each project, etc. and the Spirit has directed me time after time to Psalm 131. It is a short psalm but so meaningful to me right now. It reminds us not to get concerned about things that are “TOO HIGH” for us (even if I tried to “fix” everything, I wouldn’t have the knowledge or ability to do it) but instead to rest like a weaned child on its mothers’ lap — that is such a picture of REST and I really ask you to pray that I will continue to REST in the lap of the Father and trust Him to do all things so perfectly — He DOES have the knowledge and power to do it ALL —

I love each of you and thank God so much for all your prayers for the ministry. It is getting REALLY exciting now and I am having a hard time just waiting for that opening day!!

Keep writing and letting me know how to pray for each of you and your family’s. Thanks again for praying always for me, the ministry, the children. I pray blessings on you for your involvement and desire to minister to these children.

Love in His Grace,