Hey Everyone,

So much has happened since I sent out my last report letter. God has continually proven Himself so faithful over and over again throughout the past 2 months.

I went to the States on May 14 because I had to leave Honduras for my passport requirements, and God proved His perfect timing in my life in every way. I met new friends and re-met some old friends who will now be part of our prayer team. I praise God for giving me SOOOO many who have a heart for the ministry of Destino del Reino and who support the ministry with their continual prayers. They are definitely working too!!

I had so many opportunities to share about the ministry in churches and with individuals and know that God had my time planned in His perfection.

I returned with the group who came to build our second house on June 8-18. They were such a precious group of people and God accomplished so much through them. They were able to complete the building in just 4 and 1/2 days. I know the Hondurans must have been so amazed at that. We had a great time with our Honduran workers and were able to show them the love of Christ in so many ways. My favorite part of the week was on Friday night. We decided to have an evangelistic outreach for the people next door to my house as well as for the unreached village nearby, Las Jermanias. Several people from my church here in Honduras went to the villages and invited them to our meeting that night. They explained that I was moving in soon and we wanted to invite them to see the new home and to have a worship service with us. When our bus picked up the team at the hotel, we were told that we needed to go by the church and pick up a few of the church members that wanted to help us celebrate. Well, when we got to the church, almost the entire church was waiting in the street to get on the bus. They all piled on and the Americans got a taste of traveling on an over-OVER-crowded old school bus. We had a great time and dropped everyone off at Destino. We then took the bus up to the village nearby. We were actually any hour and a half late to pick up these people and we thought they might have given up on waiting for us. As we climbed the mountain to their vfillage and as the lights of the bus fell on each turn in the road, we found groups of people waiting patiently in the dark (there is no electricity in their area either). We picked up 10 to 12 at each turn and in the end the bus was completely packed with these poor villagers who were willing to come and celebrate the new building. I cried so hard as we picked these sweet humble people up with all their babies and little children. The people have not before been evangelized and God clearly showed me that He has a great work for me to do in that area of Honduras. We arrived back at Destino and our additional 120 people from the village joined the other 100+ who were there. We had a beautiful time singing praises and the village people were so encouraged. One of the ladies from our church told me that when she had invited the people in the village, they had told her of their desperation for help and prayer and as they left that night, those same people told this woman that they were so happy now. I ask you all to pray with me that we can reach this village, as well as my close-by neighbors for Christ in the near future. I want to begin Sunday School and church services (possibly on Friday nights) as soon as I am able to move into the first home. I am so excited about this, I just can’t express it!! God had shown me a long time ago that the children at Destino del Reino would make an impact on the neighboring village as they were growing up in the power of the Spirit, and now I have already had a taste of that ministry!!!

Please pray for the team that just left here today, as they return to their homes and responsibilities in the States. Pray God’s rich RICH blessings on them for all their hard work this past week. They encouraged me so much and I praise God for giving me some new brothers and sisters and for letting me spend precious time with some of my old friends.!!

We have not heard anything about the well yet but are still waiting anxiously for the man to finish the well scheduled before ours. Thanks for praying on all of that.

The bus was scheduled to sail on the 16th (this past Sunday) and please pray for favor at the Customs office when it arrives. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the cost of the shipping. God provided every cent we needed in perfect timing — AS HE ALWAYS DOES!!

The van is scheduled to be shipped on July 1st and we had worried about the president’s new law about the age of vehicles entering, etc. I received an email yesterday that clarified the new laws and it seems that the new vehicle laws only apply to those cars that enter for selling. All cars and vehicles that are brought for non-profit organizations such as ours, will not have restrictions on them. So praise God for His provision in that. Continue to pray also for the favor of God at Customs for the van also or that God will provide all the money we need to pay those taxes.

Please pray for me as I join my old church from Tomball, Texas this week to do evangelism with them in La Ceiba. Also, as I return to Jocon the following week, please pray for me to be clearly directed to those children that God wants at Destino del Reino in the first home. We should be able to open sometime in August if all goes smoothly and I need to get the permission papers in order from the mothers.

Praise God that we will have the ceramic tile for our first home. Linda went back to Augusta and was able to raise the money needed for the tile. It was not a “need” but just a “want” and the children and I could have lived on a cement floor, but the Father is so good to us and is continually blessing beyond my imagination. What a loving Father He is to us!!

My computer went out ont me completely right before I went to the States and I lost all of my address book. So please PLEASE, if you know anyone that is not receiving my email anymore, tell them to write me a quick note and I will add them again to my address book. I will back up my address book on a disk this time — and hopefully, my computer will not crash again.

I am overwhelmed tonight with the goodness of God — I praise Him for allowing me to be a part of the great vision He has given for these children to become disciples and to change Honduras and Central America (and farther) for the kingdom. I also am so very very thankful for all the precious friends He has given me to join me in praying for the opening of each door to bring about His purposes. Thank you SOOOO much for being a part of all of this.

I love you all and hope you will continue to write me with your individual prayer needs — I want to be part of your lives in praying for those specific things.

Love in Him,