Hey Everyone,

Thank you SOOO much for your faithful prayers this past week. My mom’s surgery was very successful and I know it is because of all the prayers. The doctors had anticipated a 4-hour surgery that would be very complicated. Instead, it was 1 1/2 hours and it was so easy that the doctor couldn’t believe it. She did, in fact, have some cancer but it was completely encapsulated and they were able to take it out completely clean with 1/4 of her right kidney. They said that she doesn’t even need to go through chemotherapy or radiation as follow-up because they know they got it all. Praise God for such a WONDERFUL report. Please continue to pray for her as she is in a lot of pain right now and is not used to being kept in bed!! She has always been so healthy and now, I’m sure she will be again in a few weeks.

We had a great night at church last night (in Siguatepeque). It was our first night in the new building and as big as the building is, it was almost full already. The roof is on and the walls are up but there is no floor, doors, windows,etc. but that didn’t stop the worship coming out of that place. it was wonderful. They had 40 women return to the church after we had begun from being in prayer and fasting for 3 days straight. Those ladies were GLOWING — they shared the most wonderful testimonies of what God had done in their lives during that time face to face with the Lord Almighty. He set so many of them free from fears and from unworthiness and demonstrated His extravagant love to them. They will never be the same again!! The church is so amazing in the way it is growing through what Pastor Cesar calls “the Vision” — it is basically discipleship of 12 people and then those 12 disciple 12others. The prayer and fasting retreats are ongoing and they are taking the new disciples to these to really minister to them in deeper ways and God is healing them up so amazingly to be free to go out and win others to Christ. I am so glad to have this church as my home church here in Siguatepeque. They are such an encouragement to me. There are many that pray every morning at 5:00 in the morning and they are always praying for me at that time. It is a great support for my life here and the ministry of Destino del Reino.

I asked you to pray about my knowing what God would have us do concerning the men’s meetings each month. My friend, Joyce, is an artist. She immediately wrote me and said that the Holy Spirit had told her beforehand that the proceeds from her latest painting were to be used for a special ministry. She said that when she received my email concerning the men’s meetings, she knew immediately that her money was to go to pay for 6 months of men’s meetings — Praise God for providing in such a miraculous way. I am so thankful that He clearly showed me his plan to continue these meetings of training for the men here.

Thanks for praying for Pastor Carlos. I talked to him on Friday night. He believes that God is speaking to his heart about going into full-time ministry and I assured him that many are seeing that call on his life as well. I also talked to Carlos about the money coming in for the men’s meetings. I had been talking recently to my neighbors who are growing in Christ. None of the couples have ever been married and the women really want to make that right before God. They know that God is freer to bring more blessings into their lives when they walk in obedience in all things. So I had been thinking that maybe Carlos could talk about marriage sometime during his men’s meetings. Well, BEFORE I COULD MENTION THAT TO CARLOS, he said that he had been thinking about teaching a series of lessons to the men on marriage!!! Can you believe that???!! This is obviously what the Holy Spirit wants to do next with these men. I am checking into the price for the marriage papers for the civil weddings for a couple. I am going to find out how much each paper would cost and see how many couples need the financial help to pay and get married. We may end up renting a bus and taking all the couples to the civil center one day together. Then we will have a big celebration and a church wedding later with all the couples getting married together. It will be so wonderful. (In Honduras, they require the civil wedding and then if you want to do it before God and witnesses, then you follow up with a church wedding). Anyway, please be praying about all this — I am so happy for these peole and God will bless them in GREAT ways through this next step of obedience! They will be such an example to their children as well.

Laurie Underwood has done an excellent job with our financial records, etc. but she feels that we need someone more experienced to handle the IRS situations and our tax statements every year. So please pray that God will send exactly who He desires for this very big ministry for Destino del Reino. We want to be above reproach in every way and we don’t want to lose our tax exemption status because of not being prepared in some way. Thanks.

Another answer to prayer — I had been wondering how we would be able to get more full Spanish bibles over here soon because we gave them all out recnetly to the new believers at the men’s meeting. A Menonite family came by on Wednesday and said they had heard about our ministry and just wanted to see it and meet me. We had a great time talking and I shared some extra medicines with them for their clinic, etc. They told me they had a lot of Spanish bibles for sale at their ministry at a very reduced price — less than $2 each — and they have thousands of them — Yeah, God did it again for us!! He is so amazing in the way He answers all our prayers and needs before we can even express them.

Thanks for your prayers as we are adjusting to the new children in the house now. The 3 new ones came last Sunday so we have made it through a week. They are all learning very quickly how to share. An amazing thing that I learned this week was that the less toys there are, the better they share. We had gotten a lot of toys out of the storeroom so that everyone would have lots of things to play with. Well, we were constantly stopping arguments. Marta and I both agreed that we just needed to put away those toys. We left out only the trucks and bicycles and took up all the other entertainment kind of toys and immediately they all did better. They are playing more in the sandbox and using their imaginations — it is amazing the difference. We may take up some of the trucks soon if they continue to cause problems. — they are so happy just using their own imaginations and building things in the sand and playing on the swings, etc. Please pray LOTS for Brayan and Carlos. Brayan is 6 and Carlos is 3 and their mother is mentally retarded. Brayan yells out and screams like a retarded person would for no reason. He and Carlos both talk like their mother talked too and yet they are both very intelligent and when I teach them new words they can say them very clearly. They have just learned to mimic their mom and we need to help them change that. Brayan needs to be able to go to school next year and so we really need his speech problems to be resolved in the next few months!! So thanks for praying. They are all very precious and doing well over all. Mario is Eric’s brother and he is very happy to be living here with Eric. He is a little bit of a trouble maker but it is because he is a little hyperactive and loves lots of attention. Bryan is more of the problem in deceitfulness but he has had a few episodes with my wooden spoon and is doing much better now. They are all so precious and love to be held and cuddled and I am more than happy to oblige. Pray that we can find a Christian woman to come full-time every day to help with the washing and the watching of the kids on the playground. This is a big need and I want someone that does it as a ministry and not just a job.

God is continuing to provide all the water we need each week through the rain storms. The problem is though that we can’t get our laundry dried with the rains — so we have clothes all over the house trying to dry inside. ha. He is faithful though in every way and we are so thankful for being the recipients of His very intimate personal love and care for us.

I guess this is long enough to keep ya’ll from your busy schedules. Thanks for all your MANY prayers for me. God is doing abundantly above and beyond all we could imagine and it is because you are praying. Thank you soooo very much.

Love in His GRACE,