Hey Everyone,

I was going to wait and write my update in a few days after the group left but we are having a lot of trials at Destino and I didn’t want to wait any longer to request a LOT of prayer.

We have had continuous struggles with the generator and maybe it will be fixed tonight but we just need a lot of prayer that things will get resolved with that soon. We also could not get to the water because we needed the electricity to pump it into the tanks. Finally though, yesterday the electrician hooked the water pump up to our little gas generator and we got water again this morning — YEAH!!

We have also had a lot of problems with my pick-up — everything is fixed now but it has been a hard week and expensive in many ways.

The group that came from Wesleyan Foundation at University of Georgia is GREAT — they are so precious and so in love with the Lord Jesus and ready to serve Him. They have been so flexible as different things have caused our plans to change — that is an incredible character quality — FLEXIBILITY– especially much needed in Honduras. They have been doing a VBS in a new village, Santa Rosita and over 60 children received Christ today. That is a village that we had not been to before and they have not been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before this time and we are excited to continue work up there and do some door-to-door evangelism with another group later on. Keep praying for them this week as they finish up with the VBS and other ministry.

We had a BIG scare last week. I was in town getting groceries and got a call from Wendi (Carlos’ wife). She said Carlos said for me not to return to my house that some men had tried to hold up someone in my house and the police were coming. Well, I was terrified thinking what happened to my kids and thinking we would never be safe in my house anymore, etc. Well, it ended up that Wendi had mis-understood Carlos’ message to her. They were only worried about me returning to my road from town. Some of my neighbors were getting off one of the buses at our road (where it crosses the highway about 2 miles away from the house) and as they got off, they realized that two men already on the bus were pulling out pistols on the driver to rob him. They ran to their house (next to mine), got their own pistols and ran with a lot of our other men neighbors and their pistols and caught the men running away. They were real heroes. The police never came (usual for Honduras) and so they finally gave them bus money, took away their pistols and told them to NEVER return to this part of Honduras). They said the guys were terrified and I think we got a great reputation for our area that will keep us even safer than we ever were before!! It was so wonderful to get home and know that my kids never even knew anything had taken place down the road. They were happy and contented as always.

I haven’t heard any more really about a price on electricity. The men came to me yesterday and said they have to do two tests — one for electricity and one “topographical” before they can give me an estimate. I told them to give me a price for the tests and then I’ll decide if we want to pay for that to be done first. Keep praying. I know God is sufficient for all our needs and although it has been tough lately with the generator problems, I dont’ know if that is how God wants us to live from day to day or if He intends to bless us with real electricity — we just need prayer for more and more grace from day to day.

I hired a wonderful lady to help us in the house and it has been a great burden lifted off of me. When the new babies come next month, I could not have possibly continued to do all the cleaning and still take care of all these children and new babies too. God really provided a precious Christian woman from the next village over and so she can walk to work when necessary. Wow, what a blessing for me. Pray that there will be enough money to pay her from week to week because I would hate to lose her after finding such a treasure!!

I haven’t heard anything about the van yet but my cousin wrote today that it is ready to ship. He has worked so hard toget it ready for us. Now we just need a way to get it here and I’m waiting to hear what is going on with that from Houston. Keep praying for that to go smoothly. I can’t wait to be able to take the kids to a picnic or something as soon as we get some transportation. They never get off our land and they will be so excited once we get a way to take them out once in a while.

Keep praying for the group here this week and the one coming on the 3rd of April — that God will do exactly what HE has in mind to do and we will all be flexible if it is not what we had planned — God is faithful always and we can trust him for every detail. Yesterrday, because of the generator being broken, Carlos could not take the group up to the VBS in the other village as we had planned. We had no other choice so we changed our plans and the group painted the ceilings in the second house, sorted clothes and entertained my kids — it turned out to be God’s perfect plan because it was a rainy cold day and would have been dangerous to go up those steep roads to that village. Today when they were ready to go again, it was dry and sunny and perfect. Also, the car broke down on Carlos yesterday and he was able to get it fixed but if that would have happened up on the top of that mountain an hour away yesterday, that would have been a BIG problem. Only God knows those kinds of things and we can trust Him completely —

Please continue to pray for me and for strength right now. I’m very tired and a little discouraged (for not real reason) — keep praying for our safety, for the funds to come in as we need them each week, and for wisdom and FLEXIBILITY as we have to make a lot of adjustments from day to day.

Love you all so much and am so amazed at God’s goodness in sending all of you into my life for praying for me and this ministry. The kids are such treasures and I am always thrilled at just the wonderful opportunity I have to raise them in the love of Jesus Christ and with real purpose for their little lives.

Love in His GRACE,