Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for me and the kids and the continuing ministry opportunities we have here in Honduras.

First of all, I thank you for praying for our generator. It wasn’t as serious as they had originally thought and we were only without electricity for a few days. The day they got the generator fixed, the cold front came in. We don’t have heating in the house, but when it is cold out, we can at least bring the kids inside and let them watch some videos to keep them entertained. It would have been hard a lot of days without the generator in cold weather. I really think that the Lord let us think it was going out completely so that I would be prompted to go ahead and ask you all to pray for electricity for Destino del Reino. The Bible says, “you have not because you ask not” and I hadn’t even been asking for that from Him. Many of you started praying immediately last week after I sent the email and SUDDENLY this week, a man approached Carlos about doing a project to bring electricity to Destino. Carlos did not go looking for this but a man from the electric company started talkingto him and is trying to work things out where we could just pay for materials and no labor expenses to bring out the electricity. We are still waiting to get an estimate on that and to see if any of the neighbors and houses down the highway could contribute some as well. I’ll let you know, but I believe this was a direct and QUICK result of your prayers for electricity. God is such a BIG God and is so willing to help us ALWAYS in every need. It will actually be very smart to get electricity soon. It costs us about $300 or more in diesel some months to run it as well as the various repairs we are always making to it, so in just a few years we would have paid for the electricty by saving all those expenses. So anyway, keep praying and we’ll see what God is up to this time — another miracle, I’m sure!

Please be praying for us this week as the group from the Univ. of Georgia Wesleyan Foundation will be arriving on Saturday. We will have a 3-day VBS in the village of Las Jermanias Uno where we did our first outreach in June last year. We will do evangelism as well in a nearby village called Santa Rosita. Carlos and I went there for the first time this week and are so exccited about taking the gospel to this village. There are over 100 homes there and it is WAY up on a mountain (about 45 minutes drive from Destino) and one lady we met said there was a brigade there only once and many years ago, so we don’t think this area has ever been evangelized. We are so excited to start working up there. On Thursday the group will help us paint here at the house and Friday will be a fun day at the beautiful waterfalls near Pena Blanca. Please pray for safety for everyone, good health, and that many MANY will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior this week. I am hoping that some of the young people may be willing to take turns to help watch my kids a few times so that I can go door to door as well. I have missed SO much visiting in homes and sharing Christ with people. It is such a love of mine and I have been here at the house with my children everyday and have missed that part of living here.

Please keep praying for us to find a woman to help us here at the house. Our neighbor cannot wash clothes anymore and we are backed up with laundry and need someone YESTERDAY!! I know God will show us the right person for this work and will appreciate your prayers on that.

Carlos started going to seminary classes and is LOVING it sooo much. He is such a precious man and is just so in love with Jesus that he influences everyone around him. We were driving to the various villages this week and he just kept asking me thought-provoking questions that he had been thinking on in the Word — he is a real blessing to me personally and please be praying for him faithfully. He has so much he wants to do and needs to just hear from God as to each new step he is to take with the various churches and ministries he is involved in.

Please pray for the van to be able to be shipped here successfully. I think the shipping plans are still not completely firmed up so pray that God will work each detail out perfectly. Thanks. We also need to keep praying for a bus. We could really do some incredible outreach to villages if we had that kind of transportation. We could get a good used school bus here for about $8,000 (a lot for us but nothing to a GREAT BIG God!!)

The group from West Acres that is coming in July would like to help us build a pavillion so we are in the process of designing it and getting estimates for that. We could use that for so many ministries here and will be able to minister to much larger groups of people with this facility. Pray that the funds will come in for that in the very near future because the Hondurans will need to start on the foundation in about a month and a half. I really think this is our next construction step for right now. We will be praying about starting the third house in the next year and that will be about $16,000 for the foundation and putting up the walls and roof, etc. Lots of big needs and God only knows what His perfect timing is on these things and we will wait and pray and be resting in His wisdom. The third house will get filled up as quickly as we can build it though as their are so many many children who need to come to live here. Be praying for the Lord to send His choice for the houseparents in the second house. I think it will be ready in about 4 months. I am not advertising for houseparents because I know God will put it on the right hearts and they (and we) will just KNOW!! All we lack in that house now is the ceramic floor, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, doors and windows and the porch and railing. It requires some money but not a lot of time. I think the porch will take a good month to complete and that is the only lengthy project of it all. A group will come from Texas sometime in the next 6 months to build the beds and other furniture and then we will be ready!! It will be so exciting to see this new phase of development for this ministry.

Well, I guess I better close for tonight. I didn’t write much about the children — they are all WONDERFUL and healthy right now (praise God for that) and just delighted with every new day. They still crawl in bed with me every morning about 5:45 and we start out the day giggling — what a joy to live like this!! God is GOOD!

Love to all of you and thanks for your many faithful prayers. That is why this ministry is making such an impact and lives are being changed — your prayers!

Love in His AMAZING grace,