Hey Everyone

Thanks again for your prayers. I know that I say that a lot but it really is the key to the grace that is demonstrated to this ministry every day. Thank you so much and please continue to pray faithfully for us.

we have a new baby girl living with us now. she is the little sister of sammy and weighs about 8 pounds right now. we named her sophi and she is so pretty. Her mama is living with us a wlel for about 3 weeks until she moves to the Us to study. omething is wrong with my s key so please ecuse all the mistakes. as you can see the other key is not working as wlel. I need a new computer, I think but w’ll see if they can fi this one first.

Blanca, Jonathan and Cesar’s little sister was born on December 5th too and she will join us sometime in January to live at Destino. I am not sure of her name yet. People in Honduras don’t namex their babies sometimes until they are several months old.

The kids are all doing great. sammy is starting to walk and actually wants to run most of the time. Coki is potty-trained at last and is wearing panties for the first time today. she is so proud of herself. Eidy Fernando, Cesar and Carlitos are getting so ecited to start school. I took all of them on a walk to the new school on sunday and they really were happy about that. The school is looking gorgeous and the men are working hard and long hours to get it ready in time. The roof is started and should be on in the ne t two weeks. This school is going to be the rprettiest one around and isn’t it just like God to give the very best to the very poorest of people here. He is amazing in his grace and love.

Pray for the groups that are coming in the ne t month. One group rom Trinity on the Hill Mexthodist will be here on January 14-21 to help with painting, landscaping, etc. for the new school, and then a group from Tomball, Teas will be here a few days later to lay ceramic in the classroomsx and helpx with the gate, etc.

Pray for us as we are looking for more sponsors for the 70 new students this year and also for wisdom as we seek the right new teachers. we have an incredible staff right now and want God’s choices on the newest additions a well.

Pray for me as tonight I start teaching a women’s bible study for the women in the church. we will continue to have our regular Monday night church service but on Fridays, we wll sing together first and then divide up and Carlos wll teach the men a study and I wll teach the women. I love teaching but I have never taught in spanish before and so am really a little timid about that part of it so wll appreciate your prayers. I grow so much more spiritually when I am teaching others so this wll be such a good thing for me as well.

Please be praying as we continue to sek the Lord for the funds to finish up the school. God ha provided so faithfully and the whole project is a tribute of His faithfulness — every week we have eactly what we need to work that week. so thankf or praying and pleaes continue to do so. we have enough for the roof and then when we need the rest for more cement and finishing up walls, ceramic, paint etc, I am sure that God wll send it in perfect timing.

Sunday night is our big celebration for Jesus’ birthday and the kids are so ecited. we have invited all the workers and their families to celebrate with us and pray for us to have a great time with them and some of them can hear the gospel of salvation for the first time. we don’t do gifts here but we have such a special Christma because we concentrate on HIM instead of ourselves and it is a great time. we wll have lots of fireworks and really make a big deal of His birthday.

I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and wll be very aware of His presence in your lives this year as He guides you more and more into all HIS truth.

Love you and thankf or anotherx wonderful year of miracles because of your faithful prayers.

In His grace,