Hey Everyone,
Thanks for the prayers continuously for us at Destino del Reino.   God is continually doing great things for us and I am still amazed — I don’t think (and hope not) that I will ever get used to seeing all of His miracles here in this place.

Our recent miracle is in the form of a very humble teacher that came to interview with us two weeks ago.  We had recently hired a 27-year old man who is also trained as a pastor to be our pre-K teacher.  He is excellent and was one of Carlos’ friends who used to go up in the villages to preach the gospel when they were both new believers.   He is doing a great job.  Well about 2 weeks ago he went to Tegucigalpa for a meeting and called me and said that he had seen a friend of his who was also a teacher and wanted to interview with us.  We agreed, thinking the man would be about the same age with just as little experience.  Professor Jose came to interview and as the interview started, Carlos and I realized this man had years of experience, not only as a teacher but also as a principal and yet he was so humble and interested in helping us.  This was an answer to one of our biggest needs here. Carlos has continually been to the director of education asking if someone can
come and help us evaluate our school to see if we are really on track, etc.   Jose is starting to help us in every area as well as being our new second grade teacher.  He has accepted one-fourth of the salary he is used to because he believes that God has called him here to help us.  He is praying about continuing next year as our director and says he will do whatever God calls him to do — This has taken a HUGE burden off of us.   He is working with Carolina, our current director, and helping her get things on track.  He is very gentle but firm in the way things should go and we are THRILLED more than I can express to you.   Please pray for him and all the teachers as they work together to make our school as strong as the Lord would have us be to prepare these little children to be leaders for the kingdom of Christ.  We have a great staff of people and (don’t forget) we are still looking for about 3 or 4 more American teachers for the upcoming year so please pray and keep
a lookout for us in this area.

We have two new children with us now.  The government agency, IHNFA, has placed a 6-month old little girl and her 3-year old sister (Yoselin and Yakelin — we call them Josey and Jackie) and they are adjusting so quickly.  Josey was only nursing and has gotten used to a bottle in just two days.  She is a chubby little thing and so happy.  Jackie is very happy as well.  She turned 3 the day they placed her here (30th of Jan.) and she just ran around delighted at her new house and her new brothers and sisters.  She hasn’t really learned any of our names yet and she calls me ninita (“little girl”) ha.  Sammy is thrilled because he loves to be a clown and she laughs at all his antics.  They are a perfect match.

We are planning our trip to Houston and Dallas at the end of the month and please pray for God to confirm all the plans that we have made.  We will be in Houston on the 23rd of February and speak in a SS class of adults in Kingwood the following morning.  We will go to Dallas for Tuessday and Wednesday nights (speaking at Scofield Memorial Church) on that Wednesday evening.   We return to Burton, Texas on Thursday with a church bible study and meal that afternoon.  Friday (we need to confirm this) Carlos will preach in the detention center jail where he was held 10 years ago after trying to enter the US illegally.  As you know, that is where he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and he woud like to share his testimony with the men being held there now.   Sunday, March 2nd, we will be in the second service at Tomball Bible and that evening, be meeting with another church (not confirmed yet).  Thanks for your prayers for all the other appointments we are in the process of
making right now.  We want to be available and used b y God wherever he wants us during our 8 days in Texas.  I hope if you live close to where we will be, that you will come out and see us.  We love all our faithful friends and prayer warriors in Texas.

Thanks for your prayers for us in every area.  Carlos has been going through so much for several years now and we can clearly see where God is changing his life drastically for His glory.  Please continue to pray for him.  He has some incredibly hard battles in his life but God is using Carlos in powerful ways.  It is crucial though that you pray for him regularly.  Thanks so much.  He is definitely the backbone of this ministry and Satan clearly recognizes that and so continually is at war with Carlos.  We are always victorious in the name of Jesus Christ though so pray for Carlos to claim his victories.

All the kids are doing great.  We now have 10  that are five and under and that is a handfold.  We are looking for another lady to help us so please pray that we find the right one — one who loves the kids and feels called to this ministry not just looking for a good salary.
Please keep praying for the funds to come in as we are trying to finish up the school and the workshop.  We need some big donations before we will start finishing up the medical and dental clinic or the third house but there are people out there praying about those things so we’ll just wait on God for his timing in all of these projects.  He will do it right and in His right timing.

Pray for a young lady, Anna, that prayed to receive Jesus Christ yesterday when we went to lunch.  She is the girlfriend of Carlos’ nephew and it was such a sweet time.  She needs to start reading her bible and growing in her faith.  We will have a wedding soon too.  yeah!!!

Pray for us to begin AWANAs again this month.  We decided to do it during the regular school season here and school starts in the public system next week.   We need some more leaders and to be well prepared to start AWANAs again.  It takes a lot of energy and time but it is well worth it as sooooo many many children are memorizing the Word of God — and that will be eternal fruit.

I can’t express enough my appreciation for all those of you that pray for us daily.  I am amazed at all of God’s work here and the way he gives us strength to keep going — I know the secret is those prayers.

We love all of you and thank you,
In His grace,