Hey Everyone,
We just had an interesting visit from a chicken company that owns all the land around Destino del Reino (100 acres).   They said they wanted to talk to us first because it would directly affect us if they started selling their land to others and that would bring in a lot of unwanted traffic into our private world of Destino.   They only want the price (or a little less even) of the land that is in the municipal office of valuations (I don’t know if that made sense).  Anyway, they need $95,000 and we could own everything around here.   It sounds kind of crazy to me to think that someone might be able to do that for us, but then again, God loves to do miracles.   The land is incredible and has a lake and includes a big portion of the river (which would provide us with water FOREVER and electricity too) and there would be room for us to have youth camps, Christian conference centers, university, etc. etc.  All we could ever dream of or God could tell us to do.   I am sending
this email out immediately for you to start praying.   If God says “No” it is because he has something better for us.   Please pray and mention this to anyone that you think might be interested in helping us raise this money.   They will wait on our answer before approaching any other person.   I am excited that this really could happen if it is the Lord’s will — but will understand that it might be a crazy idea at the same time. ha.
Thanks for praying and dreaming BIG with us.
Love in His grace,