Hey Everyone,
Just a quick request for prayer and I’ll update you on other things in another email this week.
We didn’t choose to continue with the kinder teacher after his 3 months probation because of his problem with authority.  Now, he is almost acting crazy and is going to every teacher and telling everyone that he was mistreated, and that he is going to sue the school and going to have this place shut down.  Carlos called a lawyer and said is there anything he could do or lie about to have that happen, and the lawyer said, “how long has he been with you? 20 years?”  Carlos said “three months” and the lawyer just laughed.  BUT, he is causing lots of trouble and threatening to hurt Carlos by telling everyone anythin that he knows about Carlos’ past, etc.  Carlos has always been transparent about his past sins but this really is discouraging to him.   I tried to talk to Nestor (the teacher) on the phone yesterday and it was like talking with someone who has no reasoning ability.  He is just hateful and I couldn’t get a clear answer out of him.  One minute he
is saying he doesn’t have anything agaisnt Carlos and the next he says the opposite.  Poor Carlos, this was my decision and I was the only one of us in the confrontation, but, as always is the case, Carlos has all the blame put on him.  We know who the real “attacker” is and he is just using Nestor against us.  Please pray for Nestor to seek the Lord and that God will close his mouth.  I warned him yesterday that the Word of God clearly says that he that curses another, the curse will return to the person himself.   Thanks for your prayers.  In spite of all of that, we had a GREAT church service last night and it was a big challenge for Carlos to preach and just put aside all his frustrations and hurt, etc. and let the Spirit flow through him in the preaching last night.  God always wins but some of these battles are really hard to take.  Thanks for your prayers.
Love you all,