Hey Everyone
I am sorry I am kind of late getting an update to you.  I have been sick for a few days and even now, I still have a lot of stuff going on in my stomach and I am weak from this virus that has been going around the house.

Thanks for praying for us continually.  There is much going on and in the middle of it all, are so many difficulties and trials and conflicts.  We need constantly to  be lifted up to the Father for His sustaining grace.

A great thing happened on Friday night.  We decided to concentrate on a different grade in the school each month and invite that class to participate in a Friday night church service.  The plan was for getting the parents into church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  Friday night was our first one and we had the fourth graders participate in the service with their scripture memory verses.  Carlos preached an incredibly powerful sermon and at least 10 of the parents accepted Christ.  Another group of 10 or so rededicated their lives to Christ and at the end, Carlos felt that he was to pray specifically for someone’s problems, spiritual, health, family, etc.  He ended up with about 20 people in front to b e anointed with oil and prayed over and among them were at least 7 of our little boys from the school.  I told Carlos that I just had goosepimples seeing that God was already very much at work in these little “future missionaries” at
Destino del Reino.  Please pray for us on the 20th of February as we will be focusing on that night on the 3rd graders and hopefully many other parents will come to know the Lord that night.

We have just found out that Zoe Tolson from Augusta will be joining us to finish up the school year as the English teacher for kindergarten, preschool and first grade.  Pray for her as she comes to Destino and that we will be able to encourage her in her new culture and surroundings.  It has been a difficult thing for us to know how to better prepare the Americans who come here and we need lots of prayer for grace for them as they adjust to completely different living conditions, culture, etc.

Right now we only have about 3 groups scheduled for the summer.  We have one the 3rd week of June, the last week of July and maybe one the end of September.  We need a couple more groups to sign up to help us paint the entire school during the summer months.  If you have a group interested in coming, please let me know.  Usually people just assume that we are booked but, for some reason, we have lots of weeks open still and need the help on the school buildilng.  We have a lot of fix-it-up projects as well and we will still be willing to take whatever group to do some village evangelism or VBS or distributing of clothes, etc. in the nearby villages.

Please pray for our finances right now.  I think we might be seeing the first crunch that is coming as a result of the hardship in the US financially.  I know God is not broke though so just pray that he will put on the hearts of those that He wants to help us.  We always make it with food but we are owing right now several thousand dollars in bills.  I hate to have any debts so this is really stressing me out.  Thanks for praying.  I am also aware that we need to be seeking the Lord for much more wisdom right now in how to use the money that we do get.  We have worked on various projects around this place but nothing major like the clinic and the roof of the 2nd house, etc. which will require future donations to fund them specifically.  But we need to be so faithful to seek how we can make some money here at the ministry and not be so dependent on the Americans for our livelihood.  Thanks for praying for us in this.  My cousin is still working
on how to get the farming equipment to us and we need your prayers for him to know how to best do that so we can start growing our own food as well as assisting the poor and hungry people around us.

Thank you for the new sponsors we just received.  There was such a quick response to our request for the final 3 students and I am so  grateful for all you school sponsors are doing for the children of the school.  It is amazing how the Lord is blessing those children and they are growing every day not only in education b ut in the Word of God and in wisdom.  What a huge investment you are making into the Kingdom of God.

Thanks for praying for my mom. She does not have to have any chemo or other type of treatment that would keep her weak and sick for months on end. She is recuperating at home and getting stronger every day.  We expect her back here in Honduras in the next few months helping me with these babies again.  Thanks for praying and please continue until she is on her feet completely whole.

I praise God for all of you who pray for us continually.  There are so many hard things we face every day that I cannot even always write about.  Just know that we are dependent on your prayers for unity and obedience and wisdom and know that God will help us continue faithfully until we stand before His throne one day and present all these missionaries as the fruit of our ministry and the fruit of your support and prayer.  Thank you.

Love in His grace,