Hey Everyone,
I am so amazed at what YOUR prayers are doing at Destino del Reino!!  I brought my cousin and his wife and my aunt back with me from the US after my visit there.  My cousin is a farmer and he wants to get us started on our agriculture projects on the new land.  He is sending as soon as possible a big truck, a trailer with a crane and a tractor with all the elements to plow and plant, etc. as well as a corn grinder and 4-wheeler, etc.  We just can’t believe how God is providing for us to get started in using the new land that God provided us.  Please pray for us to find a good and cheap way to ship all of this equipment to Destino.  Pray for us to find someone who will either be involved in the shipping and want to donate the free shipping or donors that will pay for the shipment.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  It is amazing to see how God sends just the right people to Destino to accomplish HIS purposes here.  We are also getting a new
watchman and he is a farmer and will help us in both areas and live in the white house beside us.  Keep up the praying because it is obvious that God is just getting started in all He plans to do through Destino del Reino.

Thanks for the prayers for my mom.  Her surgery went well.  The surgeon believes he got all the cancer.  He took out the spleen, part of the colon and about a third of the pancreas.  We will need to keep praying for her to be able to start eating regular food because they won’t let her out of the hospital until her digestive system is working well.  After she gets out, she will have an appointment with the oncologist to talk about treatments, if any, that she will need to start.  Thanks for your prayers.  God has again shown Himself so faithful and ABLE.

After the prayer and singing and shouting march at Destino, the thieves have not been sighted even one time on our property.  We used to see them every night out in our land just waiting for an opportunity and they have not even been out there since.  During this time though, the police started showing up and building a relationship with us and Carlos was able to lead two of them to the Lord last week.  They come immediately if we call them for anything and so far it has been only for the neighbors’ problems with thieves that we have needed to call them.  Thanks for your prayers for all of this situation.  The new security system came but didn’t include the PCB cards for programming the code so we are still waiting on getting that up and running.   God is faithful though and the angels are doing an incredible job as night watchmen, ha.

My friend that I lived with in Jocon my first years in Honduras came to visit yesterday.  She brought her 14-year old son because they are trying to figure out where to put him in school.  He is preciuos and very smart and we believe that God wants us to have him stay at Destino with Erick and Eduard and study here.  His mom has prayed for him all his life and it is amazing the kind of young man he is, especially coming out of such a corrupt village.  I know with prayer, all our kids here will become mighty men and women of God in spite of the horrible culture that surrounds them here in Honduras.  Tito is his name and we need to pray for a scholarship for him beginning in February.  It will cost $600 for the school year and please pray that someone will have it on their heart to be his sponsor and also to pray for him regularly.   Rosy, my friend, says there are lots of people still asking about the possibility of sending their babies to Destino
del Reino so she continues to be a good reference for us there in the villages of Yoro.

We will need to finish the medical and dental clinic this year and re-roof the second house before we can open the second house and start taking in some more of these little babies from the mountain villages.  Keep praying.  God has this all under control and we will just move ahead as He provides for each project.

Thanks for your faithful prayers for all of us.  Continue to pray that Carlos and I will always put Christ first in our daily plans — it is so easy to run out and get busy and neglect our time in the Word and then we get really off track.  Thanks for remembering us always.

Pray for a new English teacher for us.  We are in transition right now and need someone else to come and teach from February to mid-June and the next year if they like it here.  The English classes are going so well and we are thrilled for the way the children are learning and growing spiritually and educationally.  Keep praying for the teachers and the students please.

We praise God for your constant encouragement in praying and giving to Destino del Reino.  It continues to amaze me all that God has done and is up to now for the future in this place.  I am so privilged to even be a part of all of this.

In His grace,