Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all the prayers that you are sending up for us continaully.  God is doing mighty things here.  I have had a GLORIOUS week.  I have been meeting one-on-one with the second graders this week.  Four of the children accepted Christ on Monday and then I was not able to get back to meet with them again until today.  Today 6 more children accepted Christ as their savior in the second grade.  Pray because tomorrow morning I will finish up the last 8 children.  I will be writing to their individual sponsors to share a little more about each child and how to pray for them and their families.  Thanks for the prayers.  Pray for Carlos to get to meet with the third and fourth grade boys this week as well.

Carlos has been really sick the last couple of days and we need a lot of prayer for him because, as you know, tomorrow night is the big church service where we invited the second grade parents to come.  We are praying that many of them will receive Christ tomorrow night and we need Carlos to feel well enough to preach.  Thanks for praying for him.  He has a horrible chest cold and fever, etc.

We are starting our newest endeavor to raise some money here in Honduras for Destino.  We have a friend who is helping us  get a second-hand clothing store going.  We will use the little white house behind Destino (which is now owned by Destino) and only open on Saturdays.  We have a lot to do in the next few weeks to get it opened.  It will be great to just have it open on Saturdays because everyone will have to come that day instead of dragging in a few each day.  We will send a note out to the parents in the school and also notify the village above us and we will most likely have a crowd every week.  We also will be able to have a room in the little house to sell all the things that we never use or that came in on containers and were not useful to us, etc.  I am so excited about that because we have gradually through the last 6 years collected a lot of “STUFF” and we were just short of being buried alive with it all, ha.  Pray for us as we
need to pay the people for the first load of clothes in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your prayers for the financial needs at Destino del Reino.  We only lack a little to be able to pay off our debts.  God used you all (in prayers and in financial support) to once again get us back on our feet.  It has been a tough time but, as I told you, mostly it was my lack of planning for the amount of support we needed for our school children this year.  Be praying for us as we need another 30 supporters starting in June for the incoming preschool class as well as half supporters ($30 a month) for some of the students this year.  Thanks for praying for this great need.  It sounds almost impossible but every year God shows us His above-and-beyond abiiity to accomplish what seems impossible at Destino.  Another thing that is very important for us to be praying about is the new Americans we will need to come to teach English in mid-August — that is just around the corner and we need to know who God is calling here and we really need
your prayers on that one.

Our friend, Serge, will be coming in on Saturday to access all our computers and set up some programs for us.  He is coming first to evalute what we have and don’t have and will send a friend or two in the future to help us network our school computers, offices, etc.  Pray for him as he has a LOT to accomplish in just a short 4 or 5 days.

Pray for Carlos and the young men as they start up their ministry with showing evangelical films in the villages again.  It is FINALLY nice again and the rains are over (I hope).  We had about 8 months of rain this past year and it was almost impossible for them to get to a village and have a film in an open field.  Pray for them as they get started in this very important ministry again.  Also pray for Carlos to be able to get a group together to start going to the prisons again. He feels very convicted about this but has not followed through yet.  It can be pretty dangerous so he has been hesitant but he KNOWS that God wants him to go and HE will keep him and the group safe.

Keep praying for the tractor that is being fixed right now and the plans to get the tractor and other farming equipment sent on to us so that we can get started on farming.  God is in control and He will do it but we need to be praying that we can get the shipment in without paying taxes and that it will arrive safely.  We thought we were going to be able to trade one of our little trucks for the land across the street but the deal didn’t go through and we need are trusting God to show us what land we need to start farming on.  This is all new to us but we have a few men working for us that really love farming.

As always, we need your faithful prayers for each of us here in leadership — that we will be very wise to the attacks of the enemy and stand strong in the midst of every conflict and struggle.  Also that we will not neglect our time of worship and focus on the Lord every day.  Carlos’ sermon on Tuesday night was so good.  He was saying that we are to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done” everyday and then we turned to the verse where it says what the “kingdom” is:  The kingdom of God is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.”  We are to have that every day no matter what circumstances come our way.  We only lose our joy and peace when we turn it over to Satan.  We can walk ABOVE the circumstances and that is my desire — that every day I will take enough time to truly focus on Him and His power and control and walk in the peace and joy that is available to me and be ready no matter what comes in to t ry to distract and discourage
me.  Thanks for your prayers.

Love in His grace,