Hey Everyone,
We had a very eventful night last night.  At about two thirty in the morning, I felt my bed shaking and thought my little Alexander, who doesn´t talk, was hitting the bed to let me know he wanted to crawl in bed with me.  Then I realized he couldn´t shake the bed that hard and looked and he was not even in my room.  I tried to get out of bed and walk to the living room and it was like walking in a boat in the middle of a storm.  Iris, my helper, fell down when she tried to walk to find me.  We prayed out loud in the living room for 5 or 6 minutes until it stopped.  It was amazing that nothing in the house fell off the shelves or walls or anything and yet the whole house was rocking.  Only Sammy, age 4, woke up and waited through the shaking calmly.  When it stopped, he came out in the living room and said, ¨Tia, I wasn´t scared because God is taking good care of us.¨  Out of the mouth of babes. . . .

A lot of buildings are damaged in the north part of the country but so far only a few lives were lost.   They said everyone in Siguatepeque was in the streets in their pajamas praying together.  Maybe this corrupt country got a little reminder that God is still in charge and they better remember that.

Thanks for your prayers for us continually.   Things are getting crazy lately with the violence and corruption here but God is still SOVEREIGN.

Love you all.