Hey Everyone,

We heard a very interesting tape today.  It is in Spanish or I would send it to you all.  It was a reading of an email from Fidel to Chavez more than a year ago encouraging him in the way he was going and instructing him in points for taking over more countries, especially in Central and South America.  The part I wanted to share with you is this.  Fidel said in one of his points to work with the Catholics.  He said they love to hear words about the Mother Mary and the gospel and about Jesus Christ and they could be won over with those words.  But he said be careful with the Christians because if they rise up “you will die”.  He said BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE BECAUSE THE CHRISTIANS ARE STUPID AND THEY ARE ASLEEP.  TAKE OVER WHILE THEY ARE NOT ALERT.

It is amazing that even Fidel apparently knows what power we have when we are awake and using our authority in Jesus Christ, but it is us Christians that are truly asleep and fail to use the power we have — the very power of the creator of heaven and earth — the RULER OF ALL!!!

Wake up Christians and let’s fight in prayer and praise.