Hey Everyone,
I just want to remind you not to stop praying for Honduras.   We are so proud of our government for ousting a man that had tried to single-handedly sell us out to Chavez.  There is no support at all in Honduras for the former president and Chavez is offended because his plan to take over all of these 4 countries in his El  Alba pact is thwarted — now he is threatening to come in with troops.  I understand the US goverment is in favor of Chavez doing that — please pray.  We know our God is sovereign over ALL and we need to use our authority in the name of Jesus Christ to come across the principalites of darkness.  We have that power and authority in Jesus Christ and we have to fight in prayer.  I can’t imagine why anyone would support another country coming in and taking over when Honduras has a very stable democratic goverment, has a new very capable temporary president until elections in November and there is no reason to bother us now, other than the offended Chavez!!   Please pray for wisdom on the part of Obama and others who think they understand the situation.  Right now a meeting is taking place and we need to have GOD SHOW HIS GLORY and change the evil plans that are being made.  Thanks for your support.  There are thousands of you out there that will receive this email and I know you will join us in our own war — against Satan and all his hosts who are planning evil against Honduras.  Thanks for your support and prayers.  We are safe in HIM.

Love in His grace,