Hey Everyone,
I just want to thank you for your prayers for our government here in Honduras.  Today was to be the big day where the president, Mel Zelaya, had a phoney vote taken to change the constitution to allow him to remain president indefinitely.   Last night, about 1 in the morning, the military arrested the president and vice president and took them on a plane to Costa Rica and kicked them out of our country permanently!!!   The congress is meeting today and they are assuring everyone that Honduras will continue to  be a republic and a democracy and the president’s actions were illegal and they are securing our freedom here in Honduras./  I have never been sooooo proud to be part of this country./   God truly answered all our prayers and even more so because after this, the Honduran people are going to be more careful about their candidates and I believve the Congress is putting in effect some new laws to limit the president’s power to operate independently.   Praise God — He is still on the throne and He is the King of Kings — as my nephew said when he was about 5 years old, “Mama, I finally figured out why God is the King of Kings.  Presidents and all the kings of the earth can’t do anything except what God lets them do.”   He was right.!!

Love you all and thanks for being such a team of prayer warriors for us here at Destino and for Honduras as a country.
In His grace,