Hey Everyone,
Some of you have heard about the change in government of Honduras that is coming on Sunday.  I know that people are afraid about even traveling here but the only thing that will most likely happen is that on Sunday, our president will hold a pretense election here in Honduras and vote in a change of the constitution that will allow him to remain president for as long as he desires (we know that is called a dictator).  Sunday we are all advised to not go out and people not to try to vote against this because it would be dangerous for them to show any opposition.  The president fired the head of the military two nights ago and all those who opposed him in leadership resigned (or were forced to resign).  Chavez has sent all the necessary documentation to show our president how to set up his new government.  The danger will just be on Sunday, I believe, and life will look the same starting Monday morning.  He will little by little start changing laws
and policies and who knows what it will be like here in another year or two.  For now, I want to encourage you to pray and keep on coming to help us more than ever.  There are hundreds of thousands of believers in Honduras, many who have never been discipled , and they need to be built up in their faith before it gets tough on them.  God is still in control and we look forward to seeing how He will turn all of this around for His glory to bring more people to salvation and to rise up within the Christians with a new strength to share with others.

I believe we have to prepare our children more than ever to be strong in their faith.  That goes for you with your children in America.  We cannot just keep protecting them and pretending they are going to be fine and grow up safely as we did without persecution.  God wants us to be warriors.  It is amazing that just last month I was looking for some DVDs on missionaries to use in our school and I looked on a site called Kids of Courage.  It is by Voice of the Martyrs and there are downloads for 10 different countries in persecution and how to teach children about those countries.  There are so many stories (real life stories) of children who were courageous under persecution and we are going to start sharing those stories regularly at Destino del Reino.  They need to be prepared.  If I was a mom in the US I would be teaching my children the same stories to prepare them for whatever the Lord allows us to go through in these last days.  God is
still in control and he will do marvelous things throughout all that is in front of us here and in the US in the coming years.

We do need to pray harder for the receipt of the farm equipment in the next few months.  We need to get independent as much as we can in case we are not able to receive your generous donations in the future.  Please pray with us for all the projects we need to get in line so that we can equip ourselves to carry on our missionary training here in Honduras until the end.

We rejoice in all that is happening here already.  Many came to Christ this week in a village where our group was evangelizing and we intend to continue in that village with the next groups that come.   Pray especially for the group coming in next weekend, that God will calm their imaginations and fears.  He is still on the throne and we just need to do even more to prepare people for battle in the Kingdom of Christ.  In the years that come, we may need to pray that the Lord makes us invisible so that we can continue without block in all that He has called us to do.  Thanks for prayers for us but also for the Christians in America.  We have all got to prepare ourselves for persecution and that we will stand strong and without fear no matter what Satan brings our way.

I believe that Chavez is actually planning to take over the 4 other countries that signed a pact with him last year.  At this point he is just helping the presidents of those countries secure their power and we’ll see what he plans next.  I think these presidents are just puppets in Chavez’s hands and they don’t know it.   As I said, though, we don’t believe anything in our lives will change over the next months and maybe even years but little by little there will be new laws that tighten down on Christianity here.  We still have time and freedom to accomplish all that God has called us to do.  We just need to pray and prepare those around us.

Thanks for praying for us and for the peace of the groups coming in and that much will be accomplished and that God will use the instability right now to make Hondurans aware of how much they need a Savior, a rock that never moves — I believe many will come to Christ in the next few weeks through these groups and God is going to use the circumstances to do powerful things in lives here.

Love you all so much and thanks for your prayers.

In His grace (which is always enough),