Hey Everyone,
I am attaching a picture of our new baby, David, with Ron (who helped in the school for the last two weeks with Zoe).   I wanted you to see our new baby and to be praying for him.  He still doesn’t sleep all night in his b ed — he is accustomed to sleeping with (or on top of) someone.

I asked you to pray because we were worried about the father coming to try to take David back.  God has done so much through your prayers.  I got a call on the weekend saying that the Mayor, who employs the father, refused to give him his pay because he was drunk and threatening to come to get David.  Then the court official that is in the family of the father, was called to help them get David back and, instead, when she saw the situation the 2-year old brother was living in, she took him officially away from the father and grandfather.  The father has settled down realizing he cannot have his kids and is already living with another young woman.   Yeni, the mother, came on Tuesday so we could go get more official papers to keep David at Destino for his whole life.  Instead of just helping me with that paper, the judge wrote a note for Yeni to take to the judge in Yoro, giving her permission to pick up her 2 year old boy and if he had any
questions to just call her.  I could not believe how easy this was.  So keep praying.  Yeni will come here to visit David on parents’ visitation day in two weeks and I will give her the money to ride the bus to Yoro and Jocon to retrieve the other child.  She will bring him to live here with his little brother — God is so good and faithful to be rescuing these two little brothers from a horrible life.  thanks for praying and please continue to pray that this will all work out smoothly.

Vicente, who was hit by the car a few weeks back, is recovering and is at home with a fractured leg healing and head injuries — he is going to be fine though and he is absolutely a true miracle!!!  God is sooooo powerful and loving.

Carlos’ father is doing better than his sister had led Carlos to believe.  He does have prostrate cancer but evidently it is such a slow growing cancer that they have opted to just leave it alone.  He is very old and a little feeble and there would be no reason to do surgery for something that will not have time, most likely, to grow much.   Thanks for praying for him.  Carlos is still unsure of his father knows Jesus Christ personally.  Pray that he has an opportunity to really have a clear confirmation about this.

Thanks for all your prayers.   Keep praying for us to get the sponsors we need for the school.  Julie Kappas has a short DVD for people to show in their SS classes or churches if you are willing.  Thanks for helping us get the word out.     On the front page of the web site you can see the status of our school sponsorships and how many more we need.  Keep praying — God is always sooooo faithful.

Love you and I’ll write more later.  I just wanted to let you have a quick update on the emergency prayers requests that I had sent out.

In HIS grace,