Hey Everyone,

We were soooo happy to receive a chubby beautiful baby boy yesterday (7 months old) and have enjoyed him.  The story is that his mom brought him because the father is a drunk in jocon and when she was working a year ago, he came and stole her last baby (2 years old now) and turned the baby over to his grandmother with the official papers.  She had no control over the situation and he almost killed her and this baby last week in a drunken state.  She brought him to us with the plan to go to work in Teguc and get away.  Someone told the family that she gave the baby to us and they are threatening to send the police or somone official to remove the baby.  The prayer request is that we found out that this family is a gang of murderes and we really don’t need to be doing anything contrary to jeopardize ourselves.  I called the mama, Jenny, and she is going to come back on Tuesday and we’ll go to a lawyer and the judge and get protection for them, but
we need to know whether we need to send the baby somewhere else.  We need a lot of wisdom and discernment.  We are called to help the children of Jocon and this will be the case in many situations because the people are so violent and irrational and DRUNK!!   Thanks for praying for our safety and wisdom and that God will spare this precious baby from a horrible life.  The grandmother who had the otehr 2 year old, died recently so now the drunken grandfather and drunken father are raising this poor little boy as well.

Secondly, Carlos’ father just was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and they told them today that they didn’t think then should bother to do the surgery.  I don’t know if that means because he is older or because it would spread.  Carlos is sooooo sad and they will have a family meeting tomorrow to talk about what is the situation.  Thanks for praying for these two urgent needs.

Love to all of you,