Hey Everyone,
I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to everyone with an update.  Things have been hectic and I have been tired and very weary, but God has been so good in so many areas.
Thanks for the prayers for the finances.  We have gotten out of a lot of our debt but still need to pray for more funding to finish off the payment of the uniforms and the shoes for this year, and back retirement pay for teachers (which we did not know about before).  We lack 30 sponsors approximately and that is my biggest concern, since not only do we need that monthly help with the students, but also those 30 students are not being prayed for by name.  Please help us pray for this very great need for the school.

We’re having a great school year.  The English classes are so good and the kids are really learning quickly and are trying to practice their english with me.   I am so grateful to our wonderful 5 Americans who are here this year.  They are so diligent and helpful and loving to the children.  We are so blessed.  We also have wonderful Honduran teachers — most of whom returned from last year and i pray they return for years to come.  This is such a great year and we see that year by year, things get worked out and things run more smoothly.  There is so much to learn in the ministry but God is patient with us and brings people to help us at each step of the way.

Things went well at the missions conference in Texas.  Our friends in Texas are so wonderful and I am so blessed with all of their encouragement and support.  They are attempting to raise the money to finish up the medical/dental clinic in the near future so please pray for those funds to come in.  It would be so great to get that project finished finally.  I know God will use that facility in many ways once it is up and running.

The kids are all doing great.  They absolutely love school and are so happy every day.  We are all healthy and learning to love the Lord Jesus more every day through the hard times and the good times.

Please keep praying for Honduras.  I heard rumors that there may be some more problems this weekend and only God can save us from whatever Chavez (or whoever) may be planning.   Someone from the resistance (those for ex-president’s reinstallation and dictatorship, etc.) stated emphatically to Wendy this week that “things will be resolved on Saturday” in referring to the political unrest.  That scares me really to think what they meant by that.  Just be praying for Honduras and that we will be able to maintain our democracy.  We are probably very safe where we live in Honduras and I thank God that our ministry is far from the bigger cities.  Thanks for joining us in praying for the peace of Honduras.

My mom is doing really well with the new more aggressive chemotherapy, for which we give God all the praise.  I am so thankful for the very few days that she has felt sick during this hard year of treatments.  Please keep praying for her and for a complete healing.  God is absolutely able and we believe that with all our hearts. 

I have just loved teaching my spiritual warfare classes.  It is going so well and kids are really catching on.  It is my heart’s desire that they are prepared at a young age for all that Satan will tempt and attack them with so they will use the Word of God as their foundation and stand strong in HIM.   It is such a privilege to teach them.

Thanks for praying for all of us here. Carlos and Wendy and I are seeking the Lord more than ever in our lives that we will walk worthy of him and that we will stay in the Word and be prepared for all the battles ahead for us here in leadership.  We are going through some hard times but have never seen such hope for what God is doing in us personally and in this ministry.  This is truly going to be a world-wide ministry and God is showing us that we need to be stronger in faith and walk carefully to be able to be the people that God can use here.  Thanks for praying for each of individually. 

I have been so grateful for some sermons that have been encouraging me lately.  The author of “Crazy Love” is Francis Chan.  His church in California is amazing and their website is www.cornerstonesimi.com  — Go to the website under “Get a Sermon” — pick anyone of them and you will be greatly encouraged.  I have been listening to one a day at least and have been sooo uplifted and built up in my faith.  They have an amazing ministry — give 50% of their budget to missions and are planting churches all over the world — they really are living the real Christian walk. 

Be praying for the tractor that is being shipped soon.  We need that to come quickly and without difficulty because we desperately need to be planting and preparing to be self-sufficient as times get harder.  I don’t know the status of the container but know people are working on getting it to us and so please pray for it to arrive very soon.  We praise God that the last container was absolutely free for us and that has been a long-time coming — working out the official papers here in Honduras to receive things through our non-profit standing. 

Thanks again to each of you for your gifts and prayers and encouragement.  I am so blessed to have so sooooo many praying for us.  I know I won’t know until heaven just how many are out there remembering but I thank God for every one of you.  Let me know how to pray for you as well.  I know many of you have tremendous burdens in yoru life as well.   We need to pray and encourage one another.

Love in His grace,