Hey Everyone,
Our internet is down and has been for 10 days ‘so pray it it us again and I can answer all your emails.
BUT i came to town to write this one real quick because I want everyone to rejoice with me.  My mom had her test results yesterday and SHE HAS NO NO NO CANCER IN HER WHOLE BODY.  Only God can do this and we are so grateful that He is OUR Father and has done such a great miracle for my family.  Thanks so much for all the prayers that you have been so faithful to pray for her and our family.  God is good.   We need a lot of more miracles at Destino right now and this certainly was a big injection of HOPE and FAITH to keep on believing Him who is ABLE.

Merry Christmas and love to all of you.  Hopefully, I will get internet this week and be able to write a longer report.  Thanks for praying even when you don´t hear from us.  There is ALWAYS lots going on and we need continual prayer.

Love in His grace,