Hey Everyone,
This will be short but I want to challenge you to go to [link] and under “Get a Sermon” go to a sermon in 2006 called “Lukewarm and Loving It.” and listen to it with a heart ready to be convicted.  I have always thought when I read that passage in Revelation about being “lukewarm” that it was other people, not me.  I am a missionary and don’t have a salary, etc. etc. but it IS me and God has broken my heart today and I am seeking to find what is missing that I do not have absolute PASSION for Him and no other thing or person.  He has shown me today that all my fears are based in IDOLS and they are stealing my devotion from my Creator and Redeemer.  I just want to challenge all of you to take 30 minutes today or tomorrow and listen with an open heart — we are all in danger of being deceived and God wants to wake us up.