Hey Everyone,

I just was informed that we are still lacking 25 full sponsorships ($60/month) and 10 half sponsorships ($30/month) for our school children. We are already feeding 230 kids every day and we desperately need help in finding some more sponsors. There is a 3-minute video on the website www.destinodelreino.org that you can download to a CD and present to your church or family or friends or even maybe your small group. We have several families where all the adults pitch in a little money each month to cover the $60 and the entire family prays for the student. We also have several Sunday School classes that take up an offering once a month to cover one student. Please pray and think of a way to get the word out — so many people are supporting children with World Vision and Compassion and we only need 25 to 30 — so I know this is not a big deal to the Lord and we need to pray that God will put this big need on the hearts of His people. Our ministry is non-denominational and so if you could help us by even taking a copy of the CD to any evangelical church in your area, that would be a great help.

If you or anyone you know chooses to sponsor a child, go to this link https://destinodelreino.org/support-destino/sponsorstudent/sponsor-sign-up/

Thanks for your prayers and for getting the word out for us. We are really struggling here at the beginning of the school year — buses broken down and last minute needs, etc. as well as all the other materials and teachers’ salaries and LOTS of gas money for 3 buses — so thanks for praying and we will trust the Lord together to bring in every cent that we need.

Love to all of you,