Hey Everyone, I will write a better update in the next few days. Our internet is down and I can’t spend a lot of time in the internet cafe in town to send anything right now — also spam has come from my email account when I have used the internet cafe. I am so sorry for that.

Just one quick note to ask for prayer. Tomorrow night (Saturday) we are having a dinner for the fathers of the students. We don’t have many fathers in the homes in Honduras but we are surprisingly having 56 fathers coming tomorrow night (that is pretty good for 218 students this year). Pray for their hearts to be prepared for the message and for the Spirit to have full control over Carlos as he shares a message for the men. Many of the fathers do not know Christ and also many are alcoholics. Pray for this very important event tomorrow night. Can’t wait to give you a really great report next week. Thanks for your prayers for us continually, even when you don’t hear from me. We are possibly going to get a new internet tower out here in the next two weeks — pray for that to work out.

Love to all of you,

In His grace,