Hey Everyone,

I will be coming to Georgia for my renewal of my visa in a few weeks.  Thankfully I have a Buddy pass and it is once again a free trip — praise God for Trey’s help.  Anyway, we still lack 23 sponsors for the school children and Carlos mentioned that maybe some group would let us speak to a Sunday School class, or even a church about the school for a few minutes and maybe try to get some interest in sponsoring these children.  We will be there on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and for a few days afterwards and if you have any ideas about a SS class or church service where someone would be intersted in hearing about the ministry or at least the school and need for sponsors, let me know.  Also, there is a 3-minute video (same one that is on the web page) and if any of you people (outside of Georgia too) could show it in a church service or SS class to help us get some of these children sponsored, let me know and we’ll get a copy to you.  We have been short the money from the sponsorships but God has been covering us and my biggest concern, honestly, is that these children need a sponsor to pray for them regularly and 23 of them are lacking that encouragement in their lives right now.  Thanks so much and let me know. 

Looking forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks.

In His grace,