Hey Everyone,

Last night Carlos’ son suddenly had blood coming from his ear and they took him to the clinic late and it was a severe infection in his tonsils that had spread to his ear.  He is okay, but then this morning, the alarms go off in the school and we investigated what it was and nothing or no one was in the school.  About the time that the alarm sounded and Carlos headed to investigate, Alexander started convulsing.   We have the medication for him so we gave him the medicines and he is calm now.

I called Carlos to tell him I was feeling like something crazy was going on and he said that he was very early in the morning praying and the Holy Spirit told him that this would be a very difficult day and that we all needed to be alert.   It is Halloween weekend and I, for one, used to be very ignorant of the power of  Satan and especially during this time.  I had a very good friend in Texas that, during the week of Halloween, he hardly slept for being on his knees praying and fighting and weeping for others.  He has worked with the SOS (Sons of Satan) around El Paso and other parts of Texas and  there are MANY human sacrifices during the week of Halloween.  This was 15 years ago and even then the numbers were one-half of all the teens in El Paso and surrounding areas were ful members of SOS.   Halloween  is something that we just pass off as a fun day to use costumes etc. but it is no innocent day or week — we need to be praying with authority this weekend.  I believe that Satan has more power and more desire to attack when he is being outright worshipped right now  during Halloween — We all prayed in our house today and, as I explained to my children and workers, we are under the blood of Jesus Christ and we are HIS children and have nothing to fear but we do need to be alert and use the authority in battle that we inherited from Jesus Christ.  Thanks for praying for us — we are more than conquerers in Him.

Love in His Grace (and POWER)