Hey Everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone to be praying for Carlos and his family.   After lots of praying together, etc. we believe that Carlos needs a year sabbatical from Destino del Reino to rest from the burdens here, to strengthen his family relationships, to go out in the mountains and preach the gospel and get completely restored in his soul.  He will be leaving Destino and his family will live in Siguatepeque for one year.  He will continue to help in some ways at Destino but by contract labor, i.e. trip to Tegucigalpa for the official papers or meeting with our lawyer, or things that need to be done by only him.   Thanks for praying for him.  We don’t know why God has put this all together for him but we both have a great peace that this is from the Lord.  He will get to live a simple life and just minister to people from day to day without the huge load of Destino del Reino.  Please pray for him daily that he will find the work he needs to provide for his family, that he will walk in the Spirit in a new solid way, that he will be able to restore his testimony from his past problems, and that God will speak clearly to him as to exactly what is his calling at Destino.  I believe he needs to come back with conviction that he is to be more concentrated in one area of the ministry and not to try to wear all the “hats” — it is too much for anyone and the construction and administration takes him away from the ministry of a pastor with the families of Destino.  Thanks for praying for all us during this time.  God has brought us some very trustworthy men working at Destino right now and they will take care of most of the things that Carlos did in the past for Destino so I won’t have that much more of a load during this time.  I am so excited for what I don’t know yet that God is going to do to completely restore Carlos and his family and make Carlos the powerful man of God that Destino del Reino needs to lead us into new areas of ministry.

Love to all of you and thanks for your faithful prayers for all of us.

In His perfect control and Grace,