Hey Prayer Partners,

Thanks for your continued prayers for us at Destino del Reino.  Sometimes, I just get so overloaded and worried and it is SIN!!! God says not to worry so when I do, it is sin and I am confessing that to all of you right now.  I know in my head that this ministry (almost 300 people involved) is God’s ministry and the problems are HIS, but I so quickly forget that and start trying to carry the load.  This is destroying me and I need your prayer that I will quickly recognize it when I start bearing the burdens.  It is TOOOOO big for me!!! 

As you know, things have been very hard financially this past few months and I still continue to examine and re-examine what we might have done differently but I have not had anything revealed to me by the Spirit so I am just having to assume that God is still in control and we are having our faith stretched more than ever before.  We are still feeding the kids everyday, we have been able to keep providing a great education for them, we have wonderful Christ-loving teachers, etc. etc.  God is good ALL THE TIME!!! 

We have had some real tests besides finances lately.  Last week our well broke — we are still without water until probably another 4 days but we are boiling water that is hauled in from the fire department in Siguatepeque.  We have had all our buses down this past 3 months and it has cost a HUGE amount of money to replace one motor and the transmission on another — TRIALS and much more money going out than what is coming in — but we thank God that He is the boss and has all the riches of the universe to take care of us and I know that and am going to commit to trusting HIM and not the state of our finances.

We are so blessed that a container is coming this week.   While I am fretting about the finances, God is pouring out His blessing in so many ways.   We are receiving the materials for putting in the drop ceiling in the church, lots of clothes for the kids (very much needed right now), more desks, a whole dental clinic, etc. etc.  God is amazing and He is providing in abundance.  Pray for us to be able to finalize the papers — it is supposed to be arriving here on Wednesday and we have a group of men coming in on Thursday to start installing the ceiling in the church, repair and maintenance in the school and house, etc. and then another group comes the following week to help us with playground equipment and more repairs, etc.  So now you see how ridiculous is my complaining and fretting.  God will do above and beyond all we think or imagine – -He is faithful.

The kids are doing well.  We had  a bout with a virus that kept me up a lot of nights with high fevers but it seems that we are finally over that episode.  It is hard in a family of 19 kids to get a virus to FINALLY LEAVE US!!   Thanks for praying for our health.  The cold weather has come and we don’t have central heating so the kids get colds a lot of the time because they are not real warm in the night.

Today I started meeting with the kids individually at the school.  I started with the junior high kids and had some precious times of prayer with them individually.  Pray that I will be committed to doing this every available day because it is such a huge priority for me to meet with them individually and know the burdens they are bearing and also to make sure they have received Christ as their savior.  I’ll  be sending out some reports to each of their sponsors so they will know how to pray more specifically for their students.  Speaking of that, please pray that we can get the final 25 or so sponsors that we need for the remaining students in the school.  It is so important, not only to help us with the financial needs but for each child to be prayed for by name regularly.  That is going to make the difference in their becoming all that God wants for them.  Thanks for praying.

We still don’t have any money for the junior high building, as we are still trying to just pay salaries, the electric bill etc. each month.  Keep praying for us to know eactly God’s perfect timing and what He is doing here.  I have no doubt that we are following God’s plan to continue educating the children through the junior high and we have the kids in the library right now and that is working out well.  If we still do not have the building for next year, we will use the kindergarten and pre-K classes.  Even if we Do have the building for junior high, we have decided to move our Kinder and Pre-K classes over to the church building.  There is a law in Honduras that the elementary school has to be in a separate building from the Kindergarten classes and we can really make the church a good Kindergarten with a few adjustments and adding in some bulletin boards, etc.  We already have a playgrond near the church and can fence that in for the children better.  I am really excited about putting them in that building and using it more during the week.  When God provides the gym at some point, we will make that into the church permanently and only use the church building and Kindergarten on Sunday mornings for Sunday School.    Pray for us daily as we seek to know what God has for us in each detail of the ministry here.

Sunday School is going well — I just absolutely love teaching the Word — I always learn more than the kids do, and it is so great to walk them through the whole Bible.  We started at creation and are now finishing I Kings.   We only have about 40 or 50 kids but they are from age 3 to 18 and all so attentive and interested and that is a huge blessing!!

I don’t think I ever shared with y’al about what happened with our little Alexander.  I shared with you that he was still not talking and had become too difficult to handle.  I was amazed what God has worked out for him.  I was able to locate his great aunt who had put him with us about 4 years ago.  I had understood that she was not willing to take care of him but we decided to show up and leave him with her and make her be the one that turned him over to the government, if that was the only option.  I had prayed and prayed for God to do something miraculous for him.  We found the aunt and she and her two sons (in their 30’s  and still living with her), welcomed him with love and were so grateful for all we had done for him and they plan to put him in a special ed school and take care of him.  God is providing for him.  We are still prayingfor a miracle for him to be healed and will gladly put him in our school once God has healed him.  God is able and wil do it!!!  Thanks for continuing to pray for him.

Our new little girl, Marisol, is so full of joy and she is so loved by all of us already.  She will be 2 in December and she and David (almost 3) are the only two at home in the mornings during school and they get a lot of extra attention that way.  They are sooo adorable.  Be praying for Blanca (age 13) — she seems to be going through a stage where she is comparing to others and believing that they have it better because they do not live in a children’s home — the truth is though that she (and all my kids) are SOOO much better off here at Destino in comparison to the children living outside of our walls —  She doesn’t realize how much she is blessed but pray for her to find her confidence in what God is doing in her life.  It is a hard stage of life.

As I shared on Facebook with many of you, the new UN statistics say that Honduras is now the most dangerous country in the world.   They say that there are 10 murders a day and of those 10, 6 are between the ages of 12 and 19 — the point is, we have to get to work to rescue many young people in this country.  Please be praying for us to know what we are to do.  We are praying for our 30 junior highers to be committed to the Lord fully and to become leaders in their neighborhoods.   We also have a dream for sports camps and a permanent camp for young people where they will receive discipleship.  God knows what he wants to do with all that extra 120 acres he gave us and we think it will be some kind of ministry for young people.  Thanks for  praying for us in all of these needs and goals and desires. 

Mostly, pray for us to live ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!  I get to thinking too much about the future and not just using every opportunity that is in my life today in loving and discipling these children.  The finances stress me out as I told you and that is so ridiculous when we don’t even know if we will be here tomorrow — Jesus may come back tonight and I only have TODAY — thanks for your prayers and for all your encouragement and love for us at Destino.

In His grace, walking on